Battlespire:Level 1

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Map of Level 1

Quick Walkthrough

The purpose of this level is to find out basic information about what's going on, close the 5 anchors and find the 5 cogs to activate the Star Galley to leave. Almost everything can be done without any conversation with monsters but it does reveal some things.

  1. Find a Doht sigil of entry (2-3 mobs have them). There may be one on the path from Point A to M and near Point I.
  2. Close the anchors found at Points D, E, G, and O (close means the blue things are together). Although the information on the anchor plaques implies that the Battlespire will be destroyed if all five anchors are severed, nothing will happen at all.
  3. Find the 4 cogs at Points F, I, N, and C.
  4. Open secret door at Point P and talk with Clarentavious.
  5. Go and kill the Dremora Lord Methats at Point H and take his pauldron.
  6. Enter the teleporter and use the password "boustrophedon" to enter the locked door.
  7. Get the last cog at Point Q. The anchor at this point is already closed.
  8. Optionally return back to Clarentavious with the pauldron of Lord Methats for the Typhos Sophia, a magical staff.
  9. Place the cogs in the control at the center of room P, open door and walk onto galley to Level 2.

Detailed Walkthrough

Point A

After a disorienting trip through both time and space you arrive at Battlespire here, supposedly for training in the art of magic. You don't see any friendly welcoming party but you assume it's merely part of the course.

Point B

The weir gate, sealed by Mehrunes Dagon's personal sigil
The dead gatekeeper

Your thoughts of all this being 'part of the training' is quickly dissolved when you find a battered corpse of a once powerful mage nearby, surrounded by scamps. You find two scrolls undisturbed near his body... perhaps they will say something of what is happened. It appears that a Daedric prince has forced entry into Battlespire and has taken over the facility. You read the other scroll in hopes it will shed more information. It is from an friend of yours name Vatasha. She gives you some helpful advice on survival but not much in the way of news. You attempt some conversation with the local Scamp and manage to persuade some not to attack you (for a while) by swearing not to hurt them if they help you out. They tell you that you can leave by the 'boss' sigil, presumably the one preventing you from leaving, or go with a boss (not a viable option at the present) or by the magic boat. This must be the Old Star Galley you read about in the first scroll. You decide that attempting to search out this galley should be your first course of action.

While adventuring you soon find out that there are three main opponents to be faced. The Scampi are pesky creatures that can sometimes be 'bribed' to not attack but are easily dispatched if they do. The Vermai are very tough creatures and communication is all but impossible with these animals. The Dremora are a true threat since they can cast powerful spells to weaken you as they approach. They seem very intelligent, although not as smart as they think they are. By being extremely humble and polite you can occasionally avoid combat. They despise failure and rudeness and will attack immediately if they see either.

You also find many sigils being carried by the various level occupants, all Doht. Most are useless and appear to only serve as a mark of identification. When one is used you appear to turn ethereal for a short period of time. You do find at least one sigil of entry. If the scrolls and creatures you talk to are correct, the entry sigil will allow you to pass warding sigils of the same type. You continue carefully through the dungeon, collecting various useful items lying around such as potions, weapons, and armor. You also find several more scrolls, some general knowledge, and more useful ones giving you more insight of what happened here and how correct it.

Point C

Healing crystal

After a terrible battle with a group of fiends you discover a number of important things here. First are two small bluish gems hovering in mid-air. Taking advice from a scroll you discovered nearby you find that they do indeed heal your health or mana (whichever is lesser). They disappear after use but you soon discover that they reappear after a short while providing you with a good supply of health and mana which you certainly need. You also discover a cog wheel carried by a late Scamp. The wheel is well crafted and glimmers of magic and most likely provides an important use somewhere so you decide to hang on it.

Point D

Closed anchor

You come to a small room with a very interesting device. On closer inspection the control panel for the device has a small plaque which reads

For the edification and admonition of all that should pass through this hall. Know that this is one of the five great Anchors that moor the Battlespire in its place and retain it in the life-flood of sustaining Mana, without which there is no light, no life, no Being.
In their o'er-reaching wisdom, the Powers have required me, against my every protest and complaint, to affix to it a dreadful device, which you see before you, whose purpose is to sunder and divide this anchor and imperil the Spire and all who inhabit it.
Never divide the Anchor. It is the rock on which all our lives are founded.
All Anchors must be conjoined to assure the safety and stability of the Spire.
Above all, never allow them all to be unloosed. Sure destruction shall follow, as the Battlespire departs the flux that keeps all sides of nature in unity.
Now avaunt, and quit this chamber, lest the imp of temptation, or some unhappy humor overcome you, and lead you onto the path of certain annihilation.

Ah, so one of the five great anchors for the Old Star Galley which you are searching for. Since you learning in a previous scroll that releasing all five anchors is a bad thing you decide to active the now open anchor and keep it closed until you learn further information. The other anchors can be found at Points E, G, O, and Q.

Point E

You find another anchor here.

Point F

Dead battllemage under the skeleton's torso

After entering into the large and pitch black room and eliminating the various creatures residing therein you find a wondrous sight...the huge skeleton of an ancient dragon! You find a scroll under the skeleton beside the corpse of another mage which tells a little more of the taking of Battlespire. You also find another cog wheel in an illuminated bag underneath the dragon skeleton's head and add it to your collection.

Point G

In the upper room you find another of the anchors.

Point H

Ready for a battle

You find a large enclosed circle in this room and after a little searching discover a group of buttons allowing you to do so. Inside the circle you find Lord Methats (who you previously read was the leader around here). You attempt to converse your way out of a fight but fail miserably. After a long and intense battle you emerge victorious, reaping the prize of a magical Methats pauldron. You also recognize the symbol in the center of the circle floor as being a teleporter. Not knowing exactly what to except on the other side you decide not to risk it at the moment.

Point I

Another cog is found in here on a Scamp. You begin to wonder what their purpose is.

Point J

There are two more of those wonderful healing crystals in this room. One is found up top after you discover the lift buttons.

Point K

You immediately sense that there is more to this room when you enter it. Upon closer inspect you find that the northeast wall opens to another room with monsters and a button. After many exhausting fights you reveal all the hidden rooms and a passage to the west.

Point L

You find a particularly interesting room with floating 'islands'. With some trepidation you successful cross them to another room in the north with walkways suspended above lava. After dispatching the Dremora in this room you find the center platform is indeed an elevator which takes you to a loft with many useful supplies. After, returning to the floating islands room you notice a switch, chest, and a passage leading south. You barely make the jump to the button which raises a platform nearby. Making another great jump you reach the southern passage. While this area was fraught with dangers it provided you with many useful supplies.

Point M

This area has several rickety and old wooden bridges suspended high over a field of lava. You carefully navigate over them since they have no hand rails to hold or prevent one from a fiery end. The first bridge has a guarding Doht ward which you pass through, having picked up a Doht entry sigil earlier. You shudder to think what would have happened if you didn't have that sigil.

Point N

In this area you find two more healing crystal floating in a small shrine and a Dremora standing nearby. The Dremora doesn't attack immediately and you attempt to strike up a conversation. Speaking carefully and politely you avoid combat with the Dremora...until you backstab the poor sucker as he turns to walk away (all is fair in love and war they say). You find another cog in his possessions.

Point O

You find another anchor here.

Point P

Clarentavious Valisious

Your trained senses picked up something wrong with the southern wall in this room when you passed near it. Sure enough, upon closer inspection, you open it to reveal a secret room. Inside the secret room you find the battlemage Clarentavious Valisious hiding. You find out a number of important things from the mage. He tells you to go to his chambers through the teleporter (Point H) and gives you a note with the password 'boustrophedon' to enter it.

Point Q

This is Clarentavious' chamber, accessed through the teleporter and from the password found at Point P. You find several important things here.

  • Another of the cogs, in a bag on the table in the larger room.
  • Another anchor, which is already closed.
  • There are five cogs which are needed to use the Star Galley.
  • There are five anchors which need to be active to use the Galley.

Return to Point P

You return to Clarentavious' secret hiding chamber after visiting his chambers at Point Q. The mage seems to think the only hope is to release all the anchors and drift endlessly (and harmlessly) through the void. You have a differing opinion (knowing that severing the anchors would be killing yourself) and wish to use the Star Galley to further adventure into Battlespire. Taking the fives cogs you found (points F, I, N, C, and Q) you insert them into their positions in the control in the center of the room at P. Once this is done the door to the east opens to the Star Galley. Talking further with Clarentavious you find out that he indeed has the Typho Sophias, a magical staff, and he requires you to kill the Dremora Lord Methats and get his magical pauldron. Since you have already accomplished this feat (by no means an easy one either) Clarentavious gives you the Sophias without question.

Point R

The Star Galley

Here you find a simple ship named the Star Galley. Entering this ship will take you on towards Level 2, and your ultimate fate.

Point S

Below the platform just before the Star Galley there is a secret teleporter. Carefully drop down to reach it. This brings you to a large room with a giant mock turtle in it. Talking to the turtle you learn the password to the plaque on the northwest wall (eltrut kcom) which reveals a chest. The teleporter in the northwest corner brings you back near the Star Galley.


  • 14x Dremora
  • 36x Scamp
  • 45x Vermai


  • Some terrain that looks solid can be jumped through or fallen from.
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