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Map (some parts have been moved around for convenience)

Quick Walkthrough

All you learn in this level is the neonymic for Dagon which will hopefully help defeat him. It is a relatively simple level, although the Daedra Lords are powerful foes. There are also many weaker Clannfear and Herne wandering around. To exit, the Iya, Payem, and Tayem entry sigils and the 3 gatekeys must be found. The sigils can be found on a number of mobs, not just the ones listed here.

  1. You start at Point A.
  2. Push over the nearest 'log' to the door at Point B to open it.
  3. Kill one of the Daedra Lords near Point C to get an Iya entry sigil.
  4. Push the two buttons on the platform at Point D.
  5. Kill a Clannfear here to get a Tayem entry sigil.
  6. Go to Point H and talk to Lord Imago. Get the three neonymics and a gatekey.
  7. Talk to Xivilai at Point I. Threaten him with banishment to get a gatekey.
  8. Enter the western mirror at Point J to teleport to Point K. Kill the mobs around to get a Cess and Payem entry sigil.
  9. Enter the southern mirror at Point J to teleport to Point L. Talk to Faydra at Point N and banish her for the last gatekey.
  10. Return to Point H and insert the three keys into the green lantern to activate the gate. Enter to move on to Level 7, Dagon's Hunting Lodge.

Detailed Walkthrough

Point A

The arrival spot from Point S in Level 5.

Point B

A large gate in this area can't be opened by normal means, though a trunk crashing against it will opens it.

Point C

Daedric military camp
Complete with supplies

A Daedra Lord at the gate carries an Iya entry sigil, ahead of you lies a large square.

Point D

The camp contains siege equipment
and also some catapults

This central square house a big Daedric military camp. On a platform in the middle of this large square are two buttons which open the gates to the east and west. Using the biggest of three drums that stand by a tent near the north gate will open it. There will be another tough scamp nearby.

Point E

Two secret doors are in this area, leading to grand stashes of weapons and armor.

Point F

A Tayem entry sigil is found here on the body of a Clannfear. If you'd like to utilize the elevator in the northernmost room here, do not step off until you've reached the top floor - this elevator will not descend by calling it from below (not even with patch 1.5). There's nothing of considerable interest however.

Point G

Sirran Angada

The mortal wizard and traitor Sirran Angada is here. After watching him beg for his wretched life for some time, end him.

Point H

The castle's gate
Imago Storm

In this small castle is the Daedra Lord Imago Storm. At the backside of the castle is another extremely tough scamp. Sneak behind the gate (click behind it) or open it by pushing the switch on the left side to enter. Enter the elevator to the west using the Iya entry sigil (in case you miss it, you can call it down again using the button next to it on the second floor, accessible by taking one of the other elevators in the room), leading to Imago and another conversation, as well as a gift: the neonymics of Dagon, Xivilai and Faydra, which allow the holder to banish them to Oblivion for some time. Three gatekeys are needed to activate the gate and leave. Imago hands over one key, while the other two are on the Daedra Lords Xivilai and Faydra. Be warned that there doesn't seem to be any elevator button on the third floor, so in case you trigger it to go down by mistake, you're stuck.

Point I

Xivilai Moath

The Fire Daedra Lord Xivilai Moath is found here. Threatening him with his neonymic (by first excusing yourself) will yield not only his gatekey, but immunity from his clan.

Point J


Three mirrors in this room radiate strong mysticism magic, indicating that they are some sort of teleporters. The southern one leads to Point L, the western to Point K, and the northern to Point O.

Point K

The arrival point from the western mirror at Point J. A Herne carrying a Cess entry sigil and a Clannfear carrying a Payem entry sigil can be found here. Return to Point J through the mirror.

Point L

The arrival point from the southern mirror at Point J, which can also be returned to.

Point M

A Payem warding sigil blocks the way here. Pass through using the entry sigil acquired at Point K.

Point N

Faydra Shardai

The Frost Daedra Lady Faydra Shardai is found here. After threats prove unsuccessful, banish her to Oblivion and take her gatekey.

Return to Point H

Proceed onward to Dagon's Hunting Lodge

Returning to this gate with the three gatekeys, insert them into the green lantern to activate the gate. Enter the gate and travel to Level 7, Dagon's Hunting Lodge.

Point O

Optional. Use the northern mirror at Point J to come here for some loot.

Point P

There is a trapdoor and a sign for an "Intelligent" test here. The trap door leads down to a deep pit filled with water; falling in without a teleport anchor set would lead to a watery grave.

Point Q

These two rooms, guarded by with Cess warding sigils, can be entered using the entry sigil found at Point K. The wheels in each room open the room to the south which contains two healing crystals and a good stash of magical items.


  • 51x Clannfear
  • 7x Daedra Lord
  • 5x Dark Seducer
  • 49x Herne
  • 2x Scamp (with about 10,000 health points)
  • 29x Seducer


  • The elevator cannot be called from below.
  • The cuirass on the ground in the small southern room behind bars is not retrievable.
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