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Map of Level 7

Quick Walkthrough

  1. This is the final level where you encounter, and hopefully defeat, Dagon. Proceed carefully since there are many powerful opponents and you may fall/be pushed into the lava. To finish you'll need to get the Sword of Moon Reiver, the Savior's Hide and the Lyr, Seht, and Neht entry sigils. There are a few Dark Seducers and many Daedra Counts and Lords to face on this level, so be prepared.
  2. You start out at Point A. Read the scroll nearby for useful information. You don't need the magical items described but they are nice.
  3. Push the tree over between Points A and B to reach C and kill the Dark Seducer there for the Sword. Make use of Jumping potions helps.
  4. Make your way to Point H. Say "Lehmekweh" to lower the bridge.
  5. Activate the crossbow device at Point I to cross the chasm.
  6. If you don't have the Saviors Hide from Level 5, talk to the Wraith at Point J.
  7. Make you way to Point K. One or several of the mobs up there has the Lyr entry sigil so you can pass.
  8. Inside the building find the Neht and Seht entry sigils. They can be found on the mobs or in some of the chests possibly.
  9. On the top level touch the purple spheres to activate the teleporter. This brings you to Dagon's room.
  10. Put on the Saviors Hide and wield the Sword of Moon Reiver. Talk to Dagon. Attack him as soon as you finish or you will die. That's it, enjoy the ending sequence.

Detailed Walkthrough

Point A

This is where you start, arriving from Point H in Level 6, you find a scroll here, presumably from the Dremora. It contains a number of useful things: description of some powerful magical items found on wraiths, that a Dark Seducer is Dagon's body guard and carries the Sword of Moon Reiver which you'll need to banish Dagon. Also that the three Lieutenants of Dagon carry the three entry sigils you will need to reach Dagon. Vatasha is being guarded by Dagon himself, and the scroll warns of some sort of trap. It turns out you'll need the Saviours Hide, the Sword of Moon Reiver as well as Dagon's neonymic and the help of your two nocturnal daedra friends (By the way, if you left the Saviours Hide armor back on Level 5, don't worry, you can get it back again here).

Point B

You find a wraith here carrying the Long Bow of Heaven's Hail. By the scroll you found at Point A you know the bow is deadly accurate with both arrows and spells.

Point C

On this 'island' you will find Dagon's bodyguard, a Dark Seducer carrying the Sword of Moon Reiver. I got here by jumping with the help of a potion of jumping. You can also cross by pushing over a tree on the island between points A and B.

Point D

You find a wraith here who carries the Boots of Peace. By the scroll found at Point A you know that these greatly enchance the hand-to-hand skill (with other items I got up to 150% hand-to-hand, 23-25 points damage).

Point E

You find yet another wraith here, carrying the Helmet of the Poor. According to the scroll found at Point A this helm makes the user resistant to magical attacks. The tower at this point appears to serve no useful purpose.

Point F

Coffer of restoration.

Point G

Another wraith is found here, carrying the Helmet of Light Within. This helm is supposed to allow the user to draw spell points from his opponents, but it didn't work that well. There are also two healing crystals alongside the tower here.

Point H

There is a switch here which is bound to someone's name. On a whim you try the Protonymic of Dagon, "Lehmekweh" (which you also find on a number of scrolls on this level). The bridge descends allowing you to pass.

Point I

There is large crossbow device sitting here. When you activate it you find it shoots a rope across the cavern allowing you to pass safely. You may jump back across on use the teleporter later on to return. Watch the 'thorns' later on near here, since they do damage (I was thrown into the lava several times).

Point J

You find a strange wraith here, unlike the others. Talking to it you find it is some sort of agent from your Daedra friends. It gives you the complete set of the Savior's Hide if you forgot to bring it with you. If you still have the armor from Level 5 you can talk to the wraith, but it will not disappear afterwards. Instead it will attack you, and since it has apparently unlimited HP you should better run. If you drop the armor to the ground before you talk to the wraith, it will give you the new set of the Savior's Hide, which is of better quality than the one you still have, afterwards the wraith will vanish.

Point K

Mehrunes Dagon

You find a large force of Daedra on the top plateau here. Among them you find a Lyr entry sigil. The teleporter pad here brings you to Point L. Passing through the Lyr warding sigils here brings you very close to Dagon. After killing the several Daedra Lords you should find a Neht and Seht entry sigil allowing you to pass to the lift. The lift brings you to another room which contains a teleporter which can be activated by touching the floating purple spheres. Stepping into the beam brings you to the room containing Dagon and Vatasha. Put on the Saviors Hide armor and wield the Sword of Moon Reiver. Talk to the Lord of Daedras. After, your two Nocturnal friends should appear. As soon as you're done talking, attack Dagon. It only takes one hit to kill him, end the game...and enjoy the finishing sequence. If you don't attack right away you will die after a few seconds (you can do nothing to prevent this).

Point L

Destination of Teleporter at Point J.


  • 14x Daedra Count
  • 17x Daedra Lord
  • 12x Dark Seducer
  • 33x Wraith


  • Terrain on this level may randomly damage you.
  • Daedra Lords on the island at point C can glitch inside the terrain, becoming unkillable. ?
  • The orb that teleports you to Dagon's throne room may do nothing at all, making the game unwinnable. ?
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