Skyrim:Family Heirloom

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SR-qico-Companions.png Fulfill a contract for the Companions to retrieve a stolen family heirloom.
Quest Giver: Skjor or Vilkas
Location(s): Whiterun, Jorrvaskr
Prerequisite Quest: Take Up Arms
Next Quest: Escaped Criminal
Reward: Leveled Gold
ID: CR06

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Skjor or Vilkas at Jorrvaskr.
  2. Travel to the randomly-determined location
  3. Retrieve the heirloom from the location's boss chest.
  4. Return the heirloom to Skjor or Vilkas for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

The Family Heirloom

When you tell Skjor (or Vilkas) you are looking for work, he will say: "We have a bit of a sensitive matter this time. A wealthy family has... misplaced one of their heirlooms." or "Just in time. I was worried I'd have to do this myself. Some rich folk had a trinket stolen and they want us to get it back." He will then provide some information on the kind of place you need to go and what you are up against:

Enemy Type Job Description
Bandits "I tell you this province is losing its grip. The bandits become more brazen every day."
Falmer "Some don't even believe they exist, but the Falmer can be devious. Tunneling into homes, stealing off with valuables."
Forsworn "Those hill people who call themselves 'the Forsworn' show no mercy."
Giant "Giants don't usually cause problems like this, but these ones are stirred up for some reason.."
Vampire "The rumors say the culprits are vampires. I try not to listen to swaggle like that, but figured you should know."
Warlocks "Of course, it's a group of wizards they're pointing their fingers at. Who knows what they want it for, but we want it back."

The Location

The stolen item is randomly determined, from a list that includes all standard unenchanted weapons in the game. You are never told the name of the family who lost the item, only the hold in which they live.

A fort inhabited by bandits

The target location is randomly chosen from 76 possible locations, amounting to a large fraction of the dungeons that contain boss chests. The location will be limited to holds that you have previously visited, so early in the game you may only receive destinations within Whiterun Hold, but later in the game there are many more possible destinations. Possible types of locations are:

(Note that the provided categories list all locations with the given type of occupant, including locations that do not have a boss chest and therefore cannot be possible destinations for this quest).

Find the Heirloom

At the chosen location, the item will always be found in the boss chest, which is typically at the end of the dungeon and guarded by a boss-level monster. To complete the quest, all that you need to do is retrieve the item — although in the process of exploring the dungeon you may end up collecting other loot and killing various enemies. Once you have the heirloom, return to the quest-giver (Skjor or Vilkas) and obtain your reward and three different responses: "Give it here. They've asked for the utmost discretion on this matter, so I'll make sure it gets to them. Here's your share of their reward.", "And it looks undamaged. They'll be pleased, I'm sure. And we're pleased with their money." or "Nice work with this one. You make us all proud."


Levels Reward
1-9 100
10-19 150
20+ 300


  • The quest-giver for this quest is originally Skjor. However, once Skjor has been slain during The Silver Hand, Vilkas instead becomes the quest giver for this quest.
  • If Dragonborn is installed, some radiant locations may be on Solstheim. If you are in Skyrim, you will not receive a quest marker pointing you to the quest location, but must travel to Solstheim first (at which point any quest markers you have to quests in Skyrim will lose their quest markers).


  • The item you are sent to retrieve may not spawn at the location indicated by your quest map marker.
  • The quest may get broken, showing in the questlog like "Retrieve [...] from [...]", and with the quest map marker indicating one of the hidden NPC chests beneath the surface of the game. ?

Quest Stages

Family Heirloom (CR06)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 A family in <Alias=LocationHold> had a valuable stolen. They believe the culprits took it to <Alias=Location>, and I'm to retrieve it for them.
Objective 10: Retrieve the <Alias=Gewgaw> from <Alias=Location>
20 I recovered a stolen <Alias=Gewgaw> from <Alias=Location> for a noble family in <Alias=LocationHold>.
Objective 20: Return to <Alias=Questgiver>
200 Finishes quest
250 Fails quest
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 1, 100.