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The Ebony Flask
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Ebonheart Pact
Crafting Stations
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The Ebony Flask is an inn and tavern in eastern Ebonheart. It is a large two-story Dunmer-style building with a spacious basement. The room on the right-hand side of the ground floor is used as a tavern, while the room on the left is a bar. A bard, Helpirion, sings and plays the lute in the tavern, in front of a cooking fire. There can be a safebox behind the chef's counter. The upstairs chambers are furnished as guest rooms. The basement is used mainly as a storage room, although one more bed can be found here, behind the folding screens. All storage containers and all the items found throughout the building, including food and drinks, are owned.

Vendors and Patrons

* Appears here upon completion of the related quest.

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