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The Lion Guard are the elite guards of High Rock and the Daggerfall Covenant. They are deployed all across High Rock and serve as High King Emeric's personal guard. They espouse a meritocratic hierarchy, where ability alone determines progression.

They have a history of abandoning forts and leaving behind many provisions. Recently they abandoned Firebrand Watch, which the Red Rook Bandits reportedly ransacked and made a fortune from, and Cryptwatch Fort, which the Rooks took as a base for themselves.


Named Members
Sir Edgard
Sir Malik Nasir
Lord General Averos
General Gautier
General Mandin
General Serien
Commander Marone Ales
Captain Binlay
Captain Jerick
Captain Thayer
Captain Vistra
Scout Merton
Corporal Aldouin
Blithe Croque
Jasper Litlin
Shaza gra-Dasik
Recruit Cecile
Recruit Gorak
Recruit Helene
Recruit Maelle
Recruit Sorais
Recruit Thomas
Generic Members
Lion Guard
Lion Guard Elite
Lion Guard Officer
Lion Guard Soldier



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