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Este artigo é sobre the city. Para the kingdom, veja Sentinel (kingdom).

Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Region Alik'r
Appears in Arena, Daggerfall, ESO
Sentinel circa 2E 582

Sentinel is a great city of the Redguards, and the capital of the kingdom of Sentinel. It is located in the northwestern hills of Hammerfell, overlooking the Iliac Bay. Its population is relatively low due to the inhospitable nature of the surrounding Alik'r Desert. However, some fertile fields can be found along the coast near the city, and the second capital of Hammerfell is actually a major population center in Hammerfell.

The main street of the city of Sentinel is a great market between the docks and front gates. The city is an exotic retreat for the nobility of Daggerfall and Wayrest, who delight in the cooking, craftsmanship, and plays which can be found there. Many great and famous people throughout history have called Sentinel their home, including the renowned poet Weltan and the famous Redguard hero Cyrus.

Above the sea Sentinel shines,
Her domes agleam in the Iliac dawn.
Her people throng the bazaars, and find
Their way between man's walls of stone.
But even in the towered town,
Sandals tread tracks in Alik'r sand.On the Immortality of Dust


The Rise of Sentinel

Before the Redguards arrived from Yokuda, the elves and manmer established an outpost at what is now Sentinel in order to protect fisherfolk and seafaring merchants from inland Orcs and other hazards in the desert. Little did they know that the greatest threat would come by sea.

"And the shores were green with the leaves of pomegranate, and fig, and olive, and the men of the Grandee saw this and were hungry, and sought to come ashore, despite the warnings and cries of the port-rabble."Sentinel, the Jewel of Alik'r

After the Ra Gada first landed in Hegathe, the warrior-sailors of the Grandee Yaghoub sailed north until they rounded Cape Shira, becoming the first of the Ra Gada to discover Iliac Bay. Yaghoub decided to make his home there. As they sailed "toward the Steed at dawning of the seventeenth of Second Seed", a watchman spotted a suitable harborage, and Yaghoub declared they would build a city there, calling it Sentinel after the watchman.

They quickly discovered and established control over the locals' port with little if any opposition. Yaghoub conscripted the locals to serve as masons and servants in the building of his new palace, Samaruik, and the rest of the city. Samaruik, also called Sentinel Palace, remains the oldest and largest architectural achievement in the city, and several additions have been built onto it over the years. When the Crowns followed the Forebears into Hammerfell, they considered Sentinel a "worthy seat", and many of the Na-Totambu settled there (but the city has always been considered a Forebear stronghold, though that term wouldn't be in use until the days of the Second Empire).

Of course, the people of Sentinel still had their share of setbacks. They had to adapt to life as merchants. Once, Peregrine Direnni drove an entire Ra Gada flotilla back to Sentinel by using her prodigious sorcery to manipulate the waves of the Iliac Bay. Like the rest of the Iliac Bay, they also faced the devastation brought by the Thrassian Plague, the War of Righteousness, and an invasion from Akavir.

Second Era

Sentinel and the surrounding area have long been notorious for widespread, underground necromancy. In the sixth century of the Second Era, under the reign of King Fahara'jad, Sentinel came under the threat of attack from an undead army. The army was vanquished, though, in what the king asserted was a divine intervention.

During the Imperial Interregnum, control of Hammerfell reverted to the hereditary monarchy of the Na-Totambu. To the chagrin of the Forebears, the new High King boldly moved his throne from the old capital Hegathe to the more prosperous Sentinel. By this time, Sentinel had mastered a third of the trade in the entire Iliac Bay. Upon the death of High King Thassad II in 2E 862, the Forebears retook their city by force. The vengeful Crown Prince A'tor set sail to the city to avenge his father, resulting in one of the bloodiest massacres in Tamrielic history. When Tiber Septim swept in and reestablished Cyrodilic control over the province, it was seen as a humanitarian intervention.

Third Era

Despite the defeat during the War of Betony circa 3E 402, the city of Sentinel continued to flourish, and it was renowned at the time as the place to go to earn some quick gold or find a bit of adventure. Hammerfell was controlled from the city's throne. An unsuccessful assassination attempt on the life of Queen Akorithi was widely attributed to jealous Daggerfall royalty, though this was never proven.

Fourth Era

Animosity between the Crowns and Forebears was sometimes so great that the factions have been known to leave each other to their own fates during foreign invasions. But in 4E 173, when the Crown city Hegathe found itself besieged during the Great War by the seemingly unstoppable forces of the Aldmeri Dominion, a Forebear army from Sentinel came to their aid and broke the siege. This led to the reconciliation of the two factions.


  • TES I: Arena was originally conceived as a fighting game featuring a tournament that took the player to each of Tamriel's cities to challenge different gladiatorial teams. According to a file from that stage of development left behind in the final game, Sentinel's gladiatorial team would have been called "the Deathbringers".
  • Sentinel is home to a School of Julianos.
  • The Osseous Crux was brought to the Mages Guild in Sentinel for study, though it vanished within three weeks.

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