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Onsi, Boneshaver

Notable warrior god of the Yokudan Ra Gada, Onsi taught Mankind how to pull their knives into swords.[1] He is mentioned several times in The Book of Circles by Frandar Hunding, who wrote that those forging a sword should recite the "Oblation of Onsi" upon completion. A tale of King Fahara'jad's youth claimed that Onsi personally saved him from a vengeful hagraven.[2]

Orkey, Old Knocker

A loan-god of the Nords, who seem to have taken up his worship during Aldmeri rule of Atmora. He combines aspects of Malacath and Arkay.[3] According to Imperial scholars, the Nords believe they once lived as long as Elves until Orkey appeared; through heathen trickery, he fooled them into a bargain that "bound them to the count of winters", and the Nordic lifespan was reduced to six years due to Orkey's foul magic. Through unknown means, Shor showed up and removed the curse, throwing most of it onto the nearby Orcs.[1]

Nordic legend goes into greater detail with the story of Orkey and clarifies some of the details. Their stories claim that Orkey had long plagued them, and had stolen their years away while they were still in Atmora in the Merethic Era. During the reign of High King Wulfharth in the First Era, Orkey summoned Alduin, and nearly every Nord was "eaten down" to six years old by the Time-Eater. King Wulfharth, who had become a boy, pleaded to Shor for help. Shor's own ghost then fought Alduin on the spirit plane, as he did at the beginning of time, and he won, and Orkey's folk, the Orcs, were ruined. It was by watching this battle in the sky that Wulfharth learned how to use the thu'um to save his people. His effort, while successful, cost him his life.[4]