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A ladyfish

A type of fish that can be found in Reaper's March.

Found in:

Lake Chub

A lake chub

A type of fish that can be found in Stonefalls.

Found in:

Lake Snapper

A lake snapper

A type of fish that can be found in Bangkorai.

Found in:

Lame Corprus

A lame corprus

A deformed and deranged victim of the dreaded Corprus Disease. The disease greatly increases the victim's strength and abilities which makes them dangerous opponents, in addition to the fact that you can catch the incurable disease from them. They are able to regenerate themselves.

Found in:


Lamias are a species of amphibious beastfolk. They have a serpentine appearance, with the torso of a woman and the tail of a snake. Despite being exclusively female, lamias lay eggs, which they are incredibly protective of. Found all over Tamriel, they can live in water or on land, although they rarely venture far from the water. Lamias are larger than the mortal races, but can seemingly interbreed with them. Despite being reviled as monsters, lamias are an intelligent species; they can speak Tamrielic, can cast powerful magic, and adorn themselves with jewelry. In combat, they rely on debilitating shrieks and powerful claws that drain an opponent's stamina. They seemingly have their own religion, venerating entities known as the Egg Mother and the Great Egg. Lamias have had little impact on history due to their primitive nature and hostile attitude towards the people of Tamriel. Notably, the lamias of Tempest Island took part in the Lamia Invasion of 2E 435, and a group of lamias are thought to have fought against Molag Bal in 2E 582 during the Tamrielic invasion of Coldharbour. Medusas are physically similar to lamias, but otherwise unrelated.

Found in:


A lamprey

A type of fish that can be found in Glenumbra.

Found in:

Land Dreugh

A land dreugh

Not a distinct creature, but rather a unique stage in the life-cycle of the normally aquatic dreugh, which undergo karvinasim for a single year and emerge onto land to breed.[1] There, they are a common but dangerous target for hunters after their armored hide and the unique wax from their shells. Sometimes called "billies", land dreugh are more aggressive and territorial than those in the water, perhaps due to the proximity of their hatchlings. After the year of karvinasim, the dreugh return to the sea, shedding their air organs in a process known as meff.[2]

Found in:


A lenok

A type of fish that can be found in Bangkorai.

Found in:

Lesser Daedra

A crocodile-headed bipedal Daedra, with the intelligence to wield armor and weapons and cast spells. Similar in appearance to daedroths.

Found in:

Lesser Nocturnal

Lesser Nocturnal

A Daedra resembling a scantily clad woman.

Found in:

  • Battlespire


A lich

Liches are undead necromancers which have embraced the power of Lichdom, placing their soul in an object called a 'Phylactery', which is usually a jar or a chest. They are selfish and power-hungry, destroying all in their searches for souls to repair the Phylactery. Extremely intelligent and powerful, they are always resurrecting if their Phylactery is not crushed. Most are in control of at least a small undead army and a tomb, and are adept spellcasters. Nether Liches were weakened for a certain time by the destruction of one of their Phylacteries. Ancient Liches are old, and much more powerful.

  • Variations: Ancient Lich, Nether Lich

Found in:


Found in:


A lizard

Lizards are small reptiles that can often be seen basking in the sun.

Found in:

Lizard Man

Once thought to be distant cousins of the Argonians, it was soon evident that these lizardmen had nothing human within them whatsoever. They are a race of carnivorous reptiles, whose use of language stretches only far enough to communicate the location of their prey to the rest of their hunting party, which then move in to attack and feed.

Found in:


A longfin

A type of common fish that can be found in saltwater across Tamriel.

Found in:

Luna Moth

A luna moth

A beautiful nocturnal species of moth found in the more temperate regions of Skyrim. Its wings are prized for their use in alchemy.

Found in:


A lungfish

A type of fish that can be found in the Alik'r Desert region.

Found in:


A Lurcher

Lurchers are abominations usually created through dark nature magic by corrupting a spriggan. The spriggan's tortured spirit remains trapped inside the creature until it is slain. They are often used as guardians. Lurchers are not always the product of witchcraft as they can also be found in nature, roaming swamps. They are sometimes associated with the Hist, and can be calmed through Argonian rituals.

Found in:


A lurker

Lurkers are large daedric creatures that come from the murky waters of Hermaeus Mora's realm of Apocrypha. They appear as amphibious humanoids who serve their Prince by guarding forbidden knowledge. Lurkers use their long legs for stomping attacks, and can attack from afar by spewing tentacles from their mouths.

Found in:


A lyretail

A type of fish that can be found in Greenshade.

Found in:


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