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Leader of the skeletons of the Dead Nations, Hargrimm is the skeleton priest who speaks the words of the Silent King to his followers. With Stale Mary the zombie and Acaste the Ghoul-Queen as the two other corners, he makes the third of the triumvirate that holds the Dead Nations in uneasy balance. Tipping the balance one way or another might incite chaos.


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Lore Pages in need of TLC
Lore:Hermaeus Mora
Artifacts, refs
Lore:Night Mother
Mephala, Vivec (Sermon 22)
Lore:Morag Tong
Refs! Needs better flow
Oodles of information from ESO; prominent rivalry with Molag Bal
Too much game info, new books
Needs to be clear that it's not the original homeland of Men, clarify name stuff
Lore:Order of the Black Worm
This really needs to be more than two sentences!!



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