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The United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits is the official in-game guild of the UESP in Elder Scrolls Online. There are currently four branches, one for each PC server, one on the North American Xbox One server, and one on the European PlayStation 4 server. There is also a subforum for the official guilds on the UESP forum, found here, which is used for planning and advertising events, and can also be used to ask questions about the guilds. Members are encouraged to install the uespLog AddOn for a few useful utilities and to help collect game data for the site. The Alliance affiliations listed here only affect PvP; members of all Alliances are welcome to join UESP.

PC North American Guild

UESP Guild, North American heraldry


  • Server: North America
  • Platform: PC/Mac
  • Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant
  • Leader: @baratron (baratron)
  • Officers: @Deandra (Deandra) and @Faunter (Faunter).
Special Responsibilities: @Deandra is in charge of allowing Guild Bank access. @Faunter is responsible for organizing Guild Raffles and our Guild Trader bid each week.
  • Purpose: This guild is open to all admins, editors, and users of the UESP to provide a place to meet up, talk about the game, the UESP, or life in general. If you need help with a quest or world boss, or want to run a group dungeon, just ask on chat. We have regular group Fishing sessions to try to catch those elusive rare fish. Our social activities are promoted on the UESP Official Guilds Forum.
  • Ranks: Guildmaster, Founder, Officer, Advisor, Explorer, Scholar, Recruit.
  • All members start at Recruit level. To be promoted to Scholar, chat on our Guild channel, make regular donations to the Guild Bank, or join in Guild activities such as dungeon runs. After you've been a member for about 3 weeks, you will be promoted to Scholar as long as one or more of the Guild Officers knows you well enough. Don't worry if you're not very talkative, we just need to know you well enough to be sure we can trust you.
Note that all members are allowed resources from the Guild Bank, but Recruits and Scholars have to ask an Officer or Explorer to make the withdrawal for them.
  • Scholars are regulars on Guild chat and/or in Guild activities. They are able to claim Cyrodiil resources for the UESP Guild as long as they are playing on a DC character, and the Guild does not already have a resource.
  • Explorers are trusted regulars with the ability to make their own withdrawals from the Guild Bank. They are also able to edit Member Notes on the Guild Roster. They have been around for a while and can answer most questions you might have about the game. Also, many of them are expert crafters and will happily make armor, weapons, glyphs, potions, or high-quality food upon request.
In order to be promoted to the Explorer rank, you'll need to already be a Scholar. You'll also need to pass a brief (& not scary) "interview" with @Deandra to prove that you understand how the game economy works when you can sell items to real players, i.e. that the value of items in the Guild Bank is usually unrelated to the price you'd get at an NPC vendor.
Explorers who are away from the game for 3 months or more will be demoted back to Scholar. However, if they wish to withdraw from the Guild Bank again upon their return, they'll just need to speak to @Deandra as before to ensure that they're up-to-date with any changes in the game economy.
  • Advisors are extremely trusted regulars who don't have time to be full Officers of the Guild due to their other commitments, but help us liaise with the UESP Forum and other Elder Scrolls Online Guilds.
  • The Founder is @Reorx (Daveh), who is currently taking a break from active administration of the Guild.
  • Heraldry: Imperial Purple/Gold on Chevron 4 with a Silver Eye of Hermaeus Mora, representing the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Memory. Gold represents the color of UESP site pages. The other two colors were chosen by a vote among Guild Members, with a deep purple being the most preferred/least disliked.

Joining the North American Guild

To request an invitation, please send an Officer a message in-game using the mail (#) system, or chat whisper (/w).

Guild Bank Rules

The number one rule of the Guild Bank is "be considerate to other members". The following rules should be purely common-sense.

  1. Items are for personal use only, not for sale.
  2. Set items are for your character to wear, never for deconstruction.
  3. If you need to take a large amount of a high-value item, please would you PM @baratron first. For example:
    1. more than 20 of a blue or purple meal
    2. more than 15 of any blue temper
    3. more than 10 of any purple temper
  4. It is always OK to switch tempers of the same quality (e.g. any number of Turpen for Embroidery), or to replace Frost Mirriam/Bervez Juice with twice as many purple meals/drinks.

Any questions, please ask a Guild Officer!

Item Requests/Donations

For the North American Branch, Dominus Arbitrationis has set up a page to request items/services or advertise donations, at ESO Item Requests.

PC European Guild

UESP Guild, European heraldry


  • Server: Europe
  • Platform: PC/Mac
  • Alliance: Ebonheart Pact
  • Leader: @Legoless1 (Legoless)
  • Officers: @Enodoc (Enodoc), @MissKokane, @Talaront (Holomay)
  • Purpose: EU equivalent of the NA guild.
  • Ranks: Doyen, Savant, Scholar, Pundit, Recruit
    • A rank of Scholar or higher is required to withdraw from the guild bank. Members are asked to try not to withdraw values that exceed what they deposit, as it's based on good faith. Pundits and new recruits are also allowed to use the bank, but must ask another member to make withdrawals for them.
    • The rank of Scholar is open to any member who regularly makes deposits or participates in guild chat/events. The rank of Savant is equivalent to Officer, and is only open to trusted community members.
  • Heraldry: Yellow/Brown on Fang 5 with a Brown emblem of Julianos, the Aedric God of Wisdom and Logic. Colors were chosen to complement the wiki design.

Joining the European Guild

To request an invitation, please leave a message on the talk page including your @Username, or send an Officer a message in-game using the mail (#) system, or chat whisper (/w).

Xbox North American Guild


  • Server: North America
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion
  • Leader: @Mutatas (Minor Edits)
  • Officers: @S Carver Orne (SCarverOrne), @DarkSoup (Jeancey)
  • Purpose: Xbox One equivalent of the PC guild.
  • Ranks: Doyen, Savant, Guild Merchant, Scholar, Novice
    • No guild bank.
  • No heraldry.

Joining the Xbox North American Guild

To request an invitation, please leave a message on the talk page including your @GamerTag, or send an Officer a message through the Xbox Message System.

TeamSpeak Server

A TeamSpeak 3 server is available for use by anyone in any UESP guild:

  • Server: ts.uesp.net
  • Password: SothaSil


The following userbox can be used by members of an official UESP guild:

Template Userbox
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