Skyrim:The Forgemaster

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The Forgemaster (RefID: xx015C5F)
Added by Dawnguard
Location The Aetherium Forge
Species Dwarven Centurion Soul
Level Radiant (24-60) Type Dwarven Automatons
RefID xx015C5F BaseID xx015401
Other Information
Health 853-1399 Magicka 15-265
Stamina 292-636
Primary Skills One-handed, Two-handed, Block, Sneak
Protected Yes
Faction(s) Dwarven Automaton Faction
The Forgemaster

The Forgemaster is a powerful Dwarven Centurion that guards the Aetherium Forge. The Forgemaster is slightly larger in size than normal Centurions and breathes a gout of fire instead of steam. It has a minimum level of 24, so lower level characters will want to take extra care - though this is quite hard with both its ranged and melee attack being quite strong. The fire it breathes will also linger on the ground for some time, causing low-medium fire damage. If you have a follower with you, it is highly advisable to allow them to attack first - as the difficulty in killing The Forgemaster is much lower if its attention is elsewhere.

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  • If you have a melee follower, they may rush The Forgemaster before it leaves the lava - killing your follower almost instantly.
  • If you have a high Archery skill, it is possible to sneak attack The Forgemaster before it steps out of the lava, causing it to fall backwards into the lava.
  • Unlike other Dwarven Automatons, The Forgemaster can be hurt by frost destruction spells.