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Almost all NPCs and creatures in Skyrim belong to one or more factions (or guilds). These faction memberships control the combat reaction of all NPCs and creatures, both towards the player and towards one another. Your character can be a member of more than one faction at a time.

Joinable Factions

There are four primary factions that the player can join.

The player may also take part in the civil war by joining one of these two factions.

  • Imperial Legion — The military power of the empire, they seek to maintain Imperial control of Skyrim from their base in Solitude.
  • Stormcloaks — The main organization of rebels in Skyrim's civil war, they seek Skyrim's independence from the Empire. They are based in Windhelm.

This joinable faction doesn't have its own lengthy quest chain.

  • Bards College — A guild of musicians, vocalists, and story tellers, based in Solitude. They have a single quest to join and a few sidequests for members.

Two new factions become available with the Dawnguard add-on.

Noteworthy NPC Factions

Group Combat Reaction

The combat reaction value together with the aggression and assistance values of an NPC determine how members of a faction behave in combat[verification needed]. See the CK Wiki for more.

Complete Factions List

A full list of all non-Dragonborn factions (including those not available to the player), along with their members and interrelationships, can be found at the pages below: