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(RefID: 000198F2)
Home City Markarth
House Endon's House
Store Kerah's stall in the marketplace
Race Redguard Gender Female
Level 6 Class Pawnbroker
RefID 000198F2 BaseID 000133A2
Gold 50
Sells 2 Silver Jeweled Necklace, 3 Silver Necklace, 4 Silver Ring
Buys Gems, Jewelry, Ores/Ingots, Tools
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Protected Yes
Faction(s) CrimeFactionReach; MarkarthEndonsHouseFaction; MarkarthSilverBloodPatronFaction; ServicesMarkarthJewelryVendor; TownMarkarthFaction
Kerah at her stall

Kerah is a Redguard pawnbroker who has a stall in the Markarth marketplace where she sells the silver jewelry made by her husband, Endon. Their daughter, Adara, frequently boasts that she is going to be a silversmith like her parents. They also have a son, Cade, who is currently fighting with the Stormcloaks. Asking Kerah about Markarth will result in her suggesting that you should visit Calcelmo for information about Markarth's history—and perhaps also deliver a ring to him while you're there. If you deliver the ring, her disposition to you will increase, allowing you to freely take low-valued items from her house.

When you first enter Markarth, she is found at the stall, and is one of the bystanders of the attack in the marketplace. After this, she will start her normal schedule. She gets up at 8am and goes straight to her stall for work. She can be found behind the stall until 8pm, when she goes to Silver-Blood Inn with her family for three hours, either eating or conversing with Endon and Adara. At 11pm they head home. She wanders around the house until midnight, then heads to bed.

Kerah wears a set of merchant clothes and a pair of boots. She is equipped with an iron dagger, and carries her house key, a key to her jewelry case, and a selection of upper-class items and gold.

As everyone witnesses Weylin killing Margret, you can hear Kerah wondering, fearful: "What's happening to this city?" She can also be found saying, "The Forsworn. Here inside the city." and "He was after Margret. Why?" in shock. Approaching her will have her say, "Margret. He... he killed her. Right in front of me." If you tell her that you were actually looking to buy something, she will refuse apologetically: "I'm sorry. I don't think I can bare [sic] to sell anything right now." Should you ask if Kerah knew the murder victim and who she was, she will reply, "She's a traveler, from the Imperial City. Came by every day looking for jewelry for her relatives back home. Why would anyone want to kill her? It doesn't make any sense." If you have prevented Margret's death by killing Weylin, you can instead ask her if she knew why he was after Margret. She'll reply, "No. She's such a nice woman. Comes by every day looking for jewelry for her family in Cyrodiil. Is it because she's a noble? Why would anyone want to kill her? It doesn't make any sense."

Shortly after the incident, Kerah will receive a visit from her concerned husband who will encourage her to close down her stall:

Kerah: "What am I supposed to do? Never leave the house? You want that, Endon?"
Endon: "You're closing the stall, and that's final."
Kerah: "You want to give up now? Out of fear? Is that what we're teaching our daughter?"
Adara: "Mama, why are you and papa fighting?"
Endon: "We're not fighting we're just.... Why don't I get you something to eat? Mama and papa will talk later."

She is understandably traumatized by the attack, and so cannot be bartered with, and you can only talk to her about Margret. The next day, however, Kerah will resume her business. She can be found advertising her jewelry, saying things like "The finest jewelry in all of Markarth.", and "Redguard craftsmanship in every piece." Approaching her will have her advertise to you as well: "Are you looking for a gift for a friend, perhaps? Or... a lover?", "Perhaps a silver necklace or a silver ring? Easy to wear and soft against the skin.", and "I have a necklace that would look lovely on you, or on a... special someone." At other times she may instead tell you about her daughter: "My daughter Adara is going to be a fine silversmith when she's older." If Markarth is taken over by the Stormcloaks, she will comment on it: "Silver-Bloods tax everything now that they run the city." After escaping from Cidhna Mine, she will say, "You. You aren't with the Forsworn, are you? People say they saw you when the prisoners escaped. So many dead." If you sided with Thonar Silver-Blood during the quest, she will instead tell you, "I heard about you being pardoned. What were the guards thinking, taking you in?" Ending conversation when she is at her stall will have her tell you, "Come back if you need a new ring or necklace." If she is not at work, she'll instead part ways with "Stop by my stall in the market sometime."

If you later try to question her about Margret, she will refuse, saying, "Please. I don't want to talk about it. All that blood." She'll instead direct you to the inn: "If you want answers, ask at the inn. She told me she was staying there."

Once she overcomes her shock, you can comment on the city and ask how long she has been there, which will have her reply, "My family came here centuries ago. We've made a good living smithing the silver that flows through the city. But you probably wanted to know about the fancy carvings and stonework, didn't you? Travelers always do." She will ask you to deliver a ring to Calcelmo while you go to him to learn about Markarth: "Here, I have a delivery I need to make to Calcelmo. Why don't you take it to him? He knows the history of Markarth better than anyone." Replying that you'll make sure he gets it will have her respond, "Thank you. He can be a bit difficult, but I'm sure he'll appreciate your help." If you tell her that you don't have time right now, she'll instead reply with "Very well." Upon giving the ring to Calcelmo, he'll mention her: "Oh, that's right. I keep forgetting to pick that up. Poor Kerah, such a patient woman."

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Hroki may talk with Kerah at her stall about her jewelry:

Hroki: "Kerah, do you have anything... exotic? Something no other woman in Markarth would be wearing."
Kerah: "I do have one set of bracelets in a style that is popular with the nobility in Sentinel."
Hroki: "Sentinel? That's in Hammerfell, correct? And you say these bracelets are only worn by the nobility?"
Kerah: "They are popular with the nobility there, yes. This particular bracelet is a copy of one worn by a Crown Princess."
Hroki: "Hmm. Maybe in a few seasons I could afford such a treasure."

Kerah: "Care to try out a new ring, or perhaps my daughter could make you a necklace..."
Hroki: "Oh, that sounds lovely."

When she is at her stall, she and Endon will sometimes chat:

Kerah: "Hello, dear husband. Have you brought more silver jewelry for me to sell?"
Endon: "Yes, I have. Adara made the rings herself. She is learning to bend the metal well."
Kerah: "They are perfect. Thank you both."

Endon: "How are the necklaces selling, my wife? We could make more."
Kerah: "I'm afraid the necklaces aren't selling well. Customers are not interested in medallions engraved with the symbols of other provinces."
Endon: "Humph. Used to be everyone in Markarth wore a necklace showing his home province, from Elsweyr to High Rock to Hammerfell and Cyrodiil..."
Kerah: "We don't have travelers from Elsweyr or Hammerfell anymore, Endon. Only the natives and the Nords stay in Markarth now."
Endon: "As they always have, along with those crazed Forsworn. They've driven off the color that used to make this city great."
Kerah: "I need to get back to the customers. We'll talk more of this when I come home tonight."

Kerah can also be seen having random conversations with her family at Silver-Blood Inn:

Kerah: "What should we have tonight?"
Endon: "Something simple, a stew perhaps."
Adara: "Stew again, papa? I want steak."
Kerah: "Maybe we could spend a litle [sic] bit more and buy some meat, Endon."
Endon: "May be. Let me think about it."

Endon: "Markarth has changed, but the inn is as lively as ever."
Kerah: "The city hasn't changed that much, dear. Some old dwarven stones gathering the same old moss."
Endon: "The stones aren't what bother me, love. The Forsworn are tearing the Reach apart."
Kerah: "Let's not talk about this over dinner."

At home, she and her family may have more conversations:

Adara: "Mama, when is Cade coming home?"
Kerah: "He's off fighting, Adara, with the Stormcloaks. He'll return when the war is over."
Endon: "Our son joining the Stormcloaks. If this war had never happened, Cade would have joined the Imperial Legion, like grandfather."
Kerah: "Endon, we talked about this... Are you still disappointed in Cade's choice?"
Endon: "No. I think if I was a young man, I would have done the same."
Adara: "Can I join the Legion when I grow up?"
Endon: "If there's still a Legion left, Adara. I'm sure you'd make a great soldier. Just like your brother."

Kerah: "We sold all those lovely little necklaces you brought me today. Did you make them yourself?"
Adara: "That's right! Papa helped me with the clasps, but I did all the links on my own."
Endon: "Adara bends the silver so naturally. Grandmother would have cried if she saw how deft our daughter has become."
Kerah: "Well, I'm proud of both of you. I haven't been so busy since those nobles from Solitude come into the city three years ago."
Endon: "I miss those days, before the Forsworn took up arms again, when you could walk the roads in peace."
Kerah: "Endon, dear, please don't.... Save your frustrations for work."
Endon: "You're right, dear. I'm sorry to worry you."