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SR-icon-spell-Fire.png Firebolt
School Destruction Difficulty Apprentice
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Aimed Equip Either Hand
Spell ID 00012fd0 Editor ID Firebolt
Base Cost 41 Charge Time 0.5
Duration 0+1 Range 469 feet
Speed 117 ft/s Max Life ~4 sec.
Magnitude 25 Area 0
Tome ID 000a26fd Tome Value 96
Appears in random loot at level 10+
Purchase from
A blast of fire that does 25 points of damage. Targets on fire take extra damage.

Firebolt is an apprentice level destruction spell that deals fire damage and sets targets on fire, dealing 10% of the immediate spell damage over 1s.




  • Like most Fire spells, it can be used to set off Fire Runes or Oil Slicks from a safe distance. Also, casting it or merely having it ready to cast in an area with Flammable Gas will result in a massive explosion.