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SR-icon-spell-Ice.png Frostbite
School Destruction Difficulty Novice
Type Offensive Casting Concentration
Delivery Aimed Equip Either Hand
Spell ID 0002b96b Editor ID Frostbite
Base Cost 16/s Charge Time 0
Duration 1 Range 36 feet
Speed 47 ft/s Max Life 0.77 sec.
Magnitude 8 Area 0
Tome ID 0009cd52 Tome Value 47
Appears in random loot at level 1+
A blast of cold that does 8 points of damage per second to Health and Stamina.

Frostbite is a novice level Destruction spell that deals frost damage to Health and Stamina, and slows targets for 1 second.



  • Augmented Frost, raises damage to 10/s at first rank or 12/s at second rank


  • Like most Frost spells, it can be used to set off Frost Runes from a safe distance (though Ice Spike or Ice Storm may be preferable due to their greater range).