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Striking Locale:
Level 33
Discovery 397 XP
Completion None
Quest Chain
Fighters Guild
Aldmeri Dominion North of Baandari Trading Post (Malabal Tor) (map)
Daggerfall Covenant West of HoonDing's Watch (Alik'r Desert) (map)
Ebonheart Pact South of Windhelm (Eastmarch) (map)
"The Dwemer sought to quantify mystical absolutes so as to enable them to manipulate the substance of reality without employing the intercession of divinities." — Fal Droon 

Ragnthar is a Dwemer ruin that exists outside the physical reality of Nirn. The ruin has been twisted out of time and space into a state of temporospatial claudication, and has numerous entrances across Tamriel. Known entrances are near Ogre's Bluff in the Alik'r Desert, Windhelm in Eastmarch, and Treehenge in Malabal Tor. Entry is only possible during the Fighters Guild quest Proving the Deed.

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A map of Ragnthar


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