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Fighters Guild
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Aldmeri Dominion
Elden Root
Crafting Stations
ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fires 1
ON-icon-Weaponsmith.png Blacksmithing Stations 3
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The Elden Root Fighters Guild

This Fighters Guild is the Elden Root branch of the Fighters Guild. It is located next to the Throne Room on the upper level of the enormous graht-oak which houses most of the vendors and crafting stations in Elden Root. The guild quarters situated on two-levels are quite spacious. Per Hurthinnor the hall is "possibly the largest in the Dominion". Large training area with archery targets and training dummies occupies mid-center of the first level, while the Fighters Guild Forge area, housing a blacksmith, clothier and a woodworker, is set up at the back. Next to the vendors there are three clothing stations, three blacksmithing stations and a cooking fire, all available for crafting. Leveled weapons and pieces of armor can be found lying on shelves and tables or stored on a weapon stand, all of them are owned. There are two inoperable siege weapons at the back. The upper level is allocated for important meetings.

Fighters Guild Forge

Endarre's Log, Lanath's Journal, Ostarand's Diary and Valasha's Journal can be found in the Forge area after the successful completion of The Dangerous Past quest.

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Residents and Merchants

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