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Group Dungeon:
Arx Corinium
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Ebonheart Pact
Level 31
Discovery 367 XP
Completion Objective
2447 XP
Ancient Lurcher, Fanged Menace, Ganakton the Tempest, Giant Snakes, Lamias, Lurchers, Matron Ixniaa, Sellistrix the Lamia Queen, Sliklenia the Songstress
Venomous FensShadowfen
Southwestern Shadowfen
Instanced Dungeon Group Instance
Group Size 4
Minimum Level 24
Normal Bosses 3
Normal Mini-Bosses 3
The Second Empire made some advances into the periphery of Black Marsh, but they didn't stay long. Arx Corinium, once an Imperial fort, is now occupied by denizens of the deep swamp—and even stranger things.
Arx Corinium

Arx Corinium is a group dungeon found in western Shadowfen. While previously constructed and held by the Imperials, the fort has fallen into disrepair and is overrun with Lamias. A group of nereids now occupy the flooded fort and focus on restoring balance to the land. Rumors say the fort is home to a great source of power, although it is perverse, corrupted.

Related Quests

  • Arx Corinium Objective: Explore the ruins of the Imperial fort Arx Corinium.
  • Arx Corinium Pledge: Explore Arx Corinium and return Undaunted.

Arx Corinium





There is one Achievement associated with this dungeon:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.png
Arx Corinium Vanquisher 10 Defeat the Ancient Wamasu, the Lamia Songstress, and the Lamia Queen.


  • Before dungeon scaling was introduced in Update 5, Arx Corinium was designed for Level28–31.


A map of Arx Corinium
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