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ON-qico-Dungeon.png Help three nereid sisters reclaim an abandoned Imperial fort.
Zone: Shadowfen
Faction: Undaunted
Location(s): Arx Corinium
Previous Quest: Mine All Mine
Next Quest: Nobles' Rest
Concurrent Quest: Razor's Edge, Lover's Torment
Recommended Level: 28

Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

Sister of Floods

In the first room, to the south, in one of the semi-flooded buildings left of the big tree, you find the Sister of Floods, a nereid.

"Thank the Earth Bones you're here!"
What's happened?
"Your kind abandoned this place to rot, so my sisters and I took it back. Made it grow again. But now it's lost to us, and we must hide."

Evil serpents have corrupted the wild creatures, but she and her sisters cannot fight the lamia alone. She asks you to find her sisters, so you can drive out the lamia.

Sister of Rain

The Sister of Rain is in the ruin across from the waterfall and Ganakton the Tempest. She says something drove the lamias into the dungeon, and they found a "perverse source of power" here. She asks you to find the Sister of Waves.

Sister of Waves

Jump down two waterfalls, and the Sister of Waves will be across from you. She thinks that defeating the lamia queen will bring peace to the ruin. You agree to meet the nereid sisters at the lamia queen's lair.

The Lamia Queen's Lair

When you get close to the queen's lair, the three sisters will appear. Talk to the Sister of Floods in the middle.

The Sister of Rain can heal you, the Sister of Waves can crush the enemies with water, and the Sister of Floods will attack the lamia queen when you ask her to.

Follow the nereids to Sellistrix the Lamia Queen. After you defeat her, talk to the Sister of Floods.

"A harrowing confrontation. But at last, this ordeal is ended."
The lamia queen is no more.
"And for that, we thank you. With their queen destroyed the other lamia will flee, and balance will return to these ruins. In time, all will be well again."

She grants you the Boon of the Three Sisters, a skill point and some gold.

Quest Stages

Force of Nature
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Find Sister of Rain
Objective: Talk to Sister of Rain
Objective: Find Sister of Waves
Objective: Talk to Sister of Waves
Objective: Meet the Sisters at the Lamia Queen's Lair
Objective: Talk to Sister of Floods
Objective: Follow the Nereids
Objective: Use Floods' Power to Distract the Lamia Queen
Objective: Use Waves' Power to Overwhelm the Lamia Queen
Objective: Use Rain's Power to Mend Your Wounds
Objective: Kill the Lamia Queen
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