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Sellistrix the Lamia Queen
Location Arx Corinium
Species Lamia Soul Varies
Level Varies Health (?)

Sellistrix the Lamia Queen is the leader of the lamias invading Arx Corinium. She is the final boss players must defeat to complete the dungeon.

Her unique drop is the Fang of the Lamia Queen and Sellistrix's Siphon.

Skills and Abilities

As a boss type creature, Sellistrix is immune to all forms of crowd control abilities.

Clawed Swipe

A basic melee attack that does high physical damage. If taunted, the boss will be forced to use this attack on the boss only.

Piercing Shriek

The boss screams, doing high physical damage over time and staggering all players in front of her as indicated by a red cone. Avoid standing in front of her unless you are the tank.

Lightning Bulwark

The boss arena consists of islands (illuminated by light) and the water in between. If she stands in the water she will electrify it, causing the water to do moderate shock damage over time to all players standing in it. The tank should try to hold the boss on one of the islands to avoid this.

Bolt Discharge

The boss summons a storm, causing debris to fall from the ceiling over the islands, doing moderate physical damage over time as indicated by red circles. To avoid this, stand in the water while she is performing this attack. Note that if she is standing in the water, Lightning Bulwark will activate as well, meaning that both the water and the islands will now be unsafe.

New Target

The boss ignores taunt and runs off to attack a random player for a few seconds. Again, to minimize the movement of the boss, the group should stay close behind her, while the healer heals any damage she may cause.

Damage Shield[verification needed]

Sellistrix constantly maintains a shield around herself which reduces all incoming damage by approximately 40%.

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  • Sellistrix is a relatively complex fight for a normal dungeon and most inexperienced groups may become overwhelmed since her mechanics make her inherently unpredictable. A common strategy is to have the party stay on the island where she is at the beginning, all except the tank will be behind her while the tank faces her away from the rest. This means that even if she chooses a New Target she will not move off her island into the water (and thus Lightning Bulwark will not activate). When she casts Bolt Discharge, the party moves off the island into the water, and once the attack is done moves back onto the island, so on and so forth.
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