Oblivion:Valus Mountains

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Weather Table
Clear 25% Thunder 0%
Cloudy 25% Foggy 10%
Overcast 15% Rain 0%
Snow 25%
Map showing the Valus Mountains region of Cyrodiil

The Valus Mountains are a mountain range on the Cyrodiilic side of the Cyrodiil/Morrowind border. They share a northern border with the Jerall Mountains and a southwestern border with the Nibenay Basin.

The Valus Mountains are steeper and more difficult to traverse than the Jerall Mountains, and the harsher environment is reflected in the vegetation. Only Clouded Funnel Cap mushrooms, Milk Thistle, Motherwort and Tinder Polypore Cap mushrooms grow in the mountains' inhospitable heights.

Valus Mountains Places

A list of places found in the Valus Mountains region.

Villages, Farms, and Settlements


Daedric Shrines

Ayleid Ruins





Valus Mountains Quests

A list of all quests involving the Valus Mountains region.

Fighters Guild

Mages Guild

Daedric Quests

  • Boethia: Prove your worthiness to Boethia in the Tournament of Ten Bloods.

Miscellaneous Quests