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Ayleid Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
(1 boss-level Monster)
Important Treasure
1 boss-level Ayleid Coffer
Console Location Code(s)
NarfinselExterior, Narfinsel
Great Forest
Just north of Molag Bal's shrine, which is due east of Weatherleah

Narfinsel is a small Ayleid ruin between Chorrol and Skingrad containing monsters. It contains only one zone, Narfinsel.


  • It is possible that the dungeon's boss monster will be killed by the gas traps located in the boss area before you can even reach it.
  • The Gas Room trap in this dungeon does not function properly, as the grate does not expel any poisonous gas once the walls rise.
  • Narfinsel also appeared in ESO.


Key to Maps
Map of Narfinsel, Exterior

Zone 1: Narfinsel


After descending the two sets of stairs at the entrance, you will arrive in a small chamber with alcoves built into the walls and two exits out. In one of the alcoves is an Ayleid cask, and the chamber is patrolled by one monster enemy guarding the loot. The southeast exit in this chamber accesses the boss area, but is initially obstructed by the gate at E, which is opened by a pressure pad on the opposite side of the gate. Thus, your only option currently for further exploration is the southwest exit.

The southwest exit leads to a four-way intersecting hall, with an Ayleid cask in its center. At this intersection, you can access the remainder of the ruin, separated into three distinct sections.

  • The gate immediately facing you upon entering the intersection leads only into a small room with one Ayleid cask and a monster enemy.
  • The gate at your left accesses a northeast section of the dungeon with two chambers. The closer chamber features a Gas Room trap, D (see Notes for information regarding its behavior), and Welkynd stones perched on pedestals inside the trap. The farther chamber contains another Ayleid cask and a trio of monster enemies.
  • The gate to your right leads to the majority of this dungeon's treasures, including the Ayleid Coffer (B), as well as the remainder of the creatures that haunt its halls. The initial hall you enter in this section contains three monsters, two Ayleid casks, and the rest of this dungeon's Welkynd stones. A hallway at the end of this chamber contains two more casks and accesses this ruin's boss area. This chamber contains numerous gas traps (C) in addition to the boss enemy and Ayleid coffer. Once you have slain the boss and gathered the treasure, you can activate the pressure pad to open the gate at E and easily return to the ruin's exit.


  • 1 boss-level Monster in the gas trap room at location A on map
  • 8 Monsters



  • 1 Gas Room trap at location D on map
  • 9 Gas traps at C

Doors and Gates:

  • There is one door (at Out) in/out of this zone, leading outside
  • 1 Iron Gate at E (opened by activating the pressure pad marked on the map as a cyan dot)