Lore:Loth'Na Caverns

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Loth'Na Caverns
Type Cave
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Region Craglorn
Appears in Shadowkey, ESO
Loth'Na Caverns circa 2E 582

Loth'Na Caverns (or Loth' Na Caverns) are a series of dozens of small caves in the Craglorn region of Hammerfell. Entrances exist both west and northeast of Dragonstar.

Like all natural caves, these tunnels once served as the capillaries of Nirn, pulsing with the divine essence of the Aedra.[1] Some of the lower sections of the caves are filled with lava. The caverns are connected by a secluded valley, crossed by streams and with a small hill at the center. The ancient Nedic kingdom of Skyreach extended north to the caverns, which was used as a place of worship by the Nedes. These star worshippers built Skyreach Temple deep within the caves, and Loth'Na became a site of pilgrimage as part of the Gray Passage. The temple was left to fall into ruins after the Yokudan invasion of Tamriel in 1E 808.[2] The caves also contained a Shadowgate.[3]

The Scaled Court commandeered the lamia-infested caverns in 2E 582. They fortified the base heavily, bringing in vast numbers of cultists and giant snakes. An Argonian assassin of the Scaled Court named Visskar was also stationed at Loth'Na due to the location's extreme importance to the cult.[4] Cassipia, the Regent of Serpentine Stratagems and an ex-member of the Mages Guild, chose Skyreach Temple as the site of her ritual to infuse herself with nirncrux and become a Celestial. She betrayed the Serpent and the Court, declaring herself "the Exalted Viper" and occupying the temple ruins with her followers. Kelman Locke journeyed to Loth'Na to dissuade her from her plans, but instead he was killed. The Thief and the Soulless One subsequently entered the caverns, killing Visskar and destroying Cassipia before she could complete the ritual.[2]

During the War of the Bend'r-mahk, the invading forces of Skyrim, under the command of General Duvais, occupied the caverns in an attempt to take the city of Dragonstar. The soldiers harnessed the power of a magical "fortifying crystal" within the caves, but when a group of pilgrims arrived to visit the crystal they were killed by Duvais. In 3E 397, the Soul of Conflict entered Loth'Na to assassinate Duvais on the orders of Porliss Caith, an Argonian agent of Hammerfell. The ghosts of the murdered pilgrims were also put to rest by this hero, and the crystal smashed.[3]


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