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General Falx Carius
BM-npc-Captain Falx Carius.jpg
General Falx Carius as seen in Bloodmoon
Raça Imperial Gênero Male
Morte 4E 5
Residência Solstheim
Aparece em Bloodmoon, Dragonborn

Falx Carius, a Captain and later a General of the Imperial Legion, was an Imperial posted to Fort Frostmoth sometime before 3E 427 as a Knight Protector and Garrison Commander.[1] He had numerous dealings with the Nerevarine during the latter's journeys on Solstheim. He died in 4E 5, but was raised from the dead later in the Fourth Era.

During the fulfillment of the Bloodmoon Prophecy of 3E 427, Captain Carius was chosen by Hircine to become Prey in the Hunter's Game, along with three other champions from the island. He was kidnapped by Hircine's Hounds, a group of werewolves who attacked the fort, and brought to the hunting grounds in the ice passages within the Mortrag Glacier. During the Hunt, Carius managed to survive by allying with the Nerevarine. The Hunt was foiled when the Nerevarine defeated the Hunter, an aspect of Hircine, which caused the Mortrag Glacier to collapse. Carius then made his way back to Fort Frostmoth.[1] By the time the Red Mountain erupted in 4E 5, he had become a general.[2]

After the Oblivion Crisis, Dunmer refugees led by House Redoran began settling in Raven Rock around 4E 0 and eventually built their own stronghold.[3][4] General Carius perceived this as a threat to the garrison and demanded that the Dunmer surrender.[4] They refused, and Carius repeatedly wrote to the Imperial Council to seek guidance.[4]

In 4E 5, Fort Frostmoth was almost completely destroyed by the eruption of the Red Mountain, never to be rebuilt.[5] Unfortunately, Carius was killed by debris from the exploding volcano.[2] An apprentice of Master Neloth, Ildari Sarothril, found his corpse and began practicing the black art of Necromancy on him, with the intention of utilizing him as a powerful servant.[2] Ildari placed within the General a Heart Stone to prevent the effects of the spells from wearing off.[2]

After many weeks of experimentation, Carius starting showing signs of response. After the initial success of the spells, Carius regained his free will and attempted to kill Ildari.[2] Out of fear, she removed the Heart Stone and began further tests, each time faring no better than before.[2] It's not clear exactly what happened, but Ildari departed Fort Frostmoth and the General was sealed away within. In 4E 201, the undead Carius attempted to continue his vendetta against Raven Rock. He decided to declare war on behalf of the Empire, vowing to wipe them off the face of Solstheim[6] and sending waves of Ash Spawn to attack the settlement. At the command of the Redoran Guard, the Last Dragonborn eventually traced the attacks back to Fort Frostmoth and defeated Carius.[2]


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