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N'Gasta (?b- 2E 864)

"No trust dark Worm N'Gasta. Powerful, yes, is N'Gasta -- But wicked. Soulstealer. Old and evil." — Joto, mage in Redguard
Someone thinks the Masque of Clavicus Vile is here on Vvardenfell. Apparently there are many copies of 'N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!' here on Vvardenfell. N'Gasta was a great Sload necromancer and servant of Clavicus Vile in the Second Era, and he may have had a wizard's tower here. An agent came to me asking questions about N'Gasta. The agent would not give his name, but I have learned he was in the employ of someone named Sorkvild the Raven." — Artisa Arelas, Dunmer Pilgrim

Sload necromancer was killed in 2E 864 on the Isle of N'Gasta by Cyrus the Redguard, who wielded the Flask of Lillandril.[1]

Lord Naarifin (? – 4E 175)

Thalmor General during the Great War, he led the Thalmor assault on Cyrodiil, although the original purpose of the attack was to pin down the Imperial Legion. After achieving more success than expected, he led an assault on the Imperial City itself, which he held for a year. He was captured during the Battle of the Red Ring and hanged from the White-Gold Tower for thirty-three days. One source claims he was carried away by a winged Daedra on the thirty-fourth day.[2]

Prince Naemon (? - 2E 582)

Prince Naemon was the eldest son of King Hidellith and Kinlady Tuinden. Upon the disappearance of his elder sister Ayrenn, he was named heir in her stead. He studied the Royal Ceremoniarchy for nearly ten years to prepare for his future rule, and in 2E 575 he matriculated into the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth. He was noted to seemingly delight in the traditional responsibilities required of an heir. When King Hidellith passed in 2E 580, Naemon made preparations to speak the eighty-eight day Coronation Liturgy, which would enable him to inherit the throne. However, Ayrenn made an unexpected return and claimed the throne of Alinor, assuming the position on the 7th of Frost Fall.

At some point, Naemon married High Kinlady Estre, the canonreeve of Skywatch. During the Alliance War of 2E 582, he and Estre accompanied Queen Ayrenn in her visitations to Aldmeri Dominion territory, and eventually Ayrenn ordered Estre's death for leading the Veiled Heritance, an Altmeri nationalist group. He was visibly distressed by Estre's death, but carried on to make preparations for Ayrenn's ratification ceremony in the Orrery of Elden Root. He used the opportunity to betray his sister and entered the heart of the Orrery. The Orrery painfully transformed him into an ogrim, which made him fly into a rage. He was soon killed. Queen Ayrenn covered up the truth of her brother's demise, and claimed that Naemon died a hero.

However, his corpse was taken by his devoted attendant, Vicereeve Pelidil, who assumed leadership of the remnants of the Veiled Heritance and stole the Staff of Magnus from its vault in Marbruk. Using its power, he returned Naemon from the dead as a lich to lead armies of undead and unleash corruption in Greenshade. Using the Staff, Naemon attempted to corrupt the Heart of Valenwood in the Ayleid ruins of Hectahame. However, his shade was ultimately destroyed by Dominion forces who infiltrated the ruins.

Naenra Waerr (?b - ?d)

Naenra Waerr was an ancient witch responsible for the creation of the Umbra Sword at the request of Clavicus Vile. Naenra supposedly tricked Vile, and the piece of his power which was imbued in the sword became a sentient being named Umbra. Because of this trickery, some accredit Naenra with having been Sheogorath in disguise. The witch was executed for her evil creation, but not before she was able to hide the sword.[3]

Nafaalilargus (?b - 2E 864)

Nafaalilargus (sometimes spelled Nafalilargus) was a red dragon working as a mercenary in the employ of Tiber Septim during his conquest of Tamriel. He was a proud soldier, a loyal vassal and considered "a jewel of the Imperial crown". During the Battle of Hunding Bay, the dragon was called in to help defeat the Crowns of Hammerfell. He sank Prince A'tor's ship with a single fiery breath after the prince had been struck down by a poisoned arrow, destroying all hope of A'tor's wizard removing the poison.

Nafaalilargus was then put under the command of Lord Amiel Richton, who had been named the provisional governor of Stros M'Kai. He was assigned to guard the soul gem of Prince A'tor, in the treasuries beneath the island's palace. The dragon was slain in 2E 864 by Cyrus the Redguard, who then stole back the soul gem. His death weakened the Imperial presence on the island considerably. However, due to the nature of dragons, Nafaalilargus isn't truly dead and could be raised again.

Nafaalilargus shares several similarities with a dragon named Nahfahlaar, who was recorded by the Blades in their Atlas of Dragons in 2E 373. Nahfahlaar repeatedly allied himself with mortal protectors, which had prevented the Blades from eliminating him. The last recorded alliance was with King Casimir II of Wayrest, which the Dragonguard successfully ended in 2E 369. At the time of writing, his whereabouts were unknown to the Blades. If Nahfahlaar and Nafaalilargus are one and the same, it can be assumed that the dragon continued his habit of allying with mortals when he hired on with Tiber Septim in the late Second Era.

A ballad was written about Tiber Septim and Nafaalilargus. Its popularity faded as dragons began to disappear from Tamriel, yet it was still being recited in Skyrim circa 4E 201.

Nandor Beraid (?b - 3E ?d)

The champion of Empress Katariah. His defeat of Raphalas Eul, and the political implications of the duel, are discussed in the novel The Armorer's Challenge. He was renowned as possibly one of the greatest warriors who ever lived, and it is said he could adeptly wield any weapon ever invented. However, he drowned in the Sea of Ghosts when he was unable to speedily remove his armor.[4]

Countess Narina Carvain (3E ?b - ?d)

Imperial ruler of Bruma during the Oblivion Crisis. The Nibenean Heartlander had a reputation for being a devout chapelgoer, a respected ruler, and a cunning and ruthless negotiator, though she was also known for sharp-dealing and treachery.[5] Not that she wasn't popular; her people seemed to think she was tough, cold, and cranky, but also believed that Bruma was in good hands. She was a supporter of High Chancellor Ocato during the Crisis. She was also something of a scholar and an avid collector of Akaviri artifacts.[6] The Countess funded an expedition which rediscovered the Akaviri fort at Pale Pass, which had been covered by a rockslide.[7] Together with the Champion of Cyrodiil and Martin Septim, she orchestrated the Battle of Bruma, one of the most epic and crucial victories against the Daedra during the Crisis.[6]

Nataly Dravarol (?b - ?d)

Also spelled "Natalia". Cartographer who created a map of Cyrodiil in 3E 433 and a map of Skyrim in 4E 182.

Master Neloth (?b - ?d)

Master Neloth is a Mage Lord and Councilor of House Telvanni. In 3E 427, he was Master of Sadrith Mora, and resided there in the tower of Tel Naga where his Mouth was Arara Uvulas. He sported a collection of rare treasures, including Mehrunes' Razor, and apparently a common Telvanni pastime was to steal them from him. He also enjoyed kidnapping young Redoran Councilors' daughters, an interest he shared with another prominent Telvanni, Divayth Fyr. A gifted enchanter, he studied and collected staffs made by Azra Nightwielder and showed a fondness for canis root tea. Along with the other Telvanni councilors, he recognized the Nerevarine as Hortator.

During his time in Sadrith Mora, several of his fellow Telvanni councilors were thought to have been assassinated at the behest of Arch-Mage Trebonius Artorius of the Mages Guild. Neloth survived and went on to become the most powerful wizard of House Telvanni, maybe even the most powerful wizard in all of Morrowind.

Hortator Indoril Nerevar (?b - ~1E 700)

Lorde Indoril Nerevar, também chamado Nerevar Lua-e-Estrela e Deicida, foi o rei Chimeri de Resdayn (atual Morrowind). Como o Hortator, ou o Grande Ashkhan, do povo unificado, os Chimer, ele forjou uma aliança com os Dwemer, e foi um dos fundadores do Primeiro Conselho, unindo todas as pessoas do Resdayn pela primeira vez em 1E 416. Nerevar então assumiu o título de "Primeiro Conselheiro". A aliança eventualmente quebrou, levando à Guerra do Primeiro Conselho. Na climática Batalha da Montanha Vermelha, por volta de de 1E 700, Nerevar levou os Chimer à vitória, embora tenha vindo a falecer pouco depois da batalha sob circunstâncias disputadas. Sob o Templo do Tribunal, ele era conhecido como O Arauto do Modo Triuno. As profecias Grisermantes de seu "renascimento" como o Nerevarine e heróico retorno a Morrowind alimentaram a criação do Culto Nerevarine. São Nerevar, o capitão, patrono dos Guerreiros e dos Políticos, tornou-se um dos principais santos da fé Dunmeri, junto com sua esposa Almalexia a Guardiã, Lorde Sotha Sil o Mago, Lorde Vivec o Poeta e São Veloth o Peregrino. Nerevar tornou-se então o santo padroeiro da casa Redoran.

Nerevarine (?b - ?d)

Acredita-se que seja a reencarnação do senhor de guerra Chimeri Indoril Nerevar. Ele chegou em Morrowind no ano 3E 427 por ordem do Imperador Uriel Septim VII, acabou com a Mangra e derrotou Dagoth Ur, entre muitas outras coisas.[8] Rumores giraram em torno da Terceira Era que o Nerevarine foi à uma expedição em Akavir e não foi visto desde então.[6]

Acredita-se que seja a reencarnação do senhor da guerra chimeri Indoril Nerevar. Ele chegou em Morrowind no ano 3E 427,acabou com a The Blight, derrotou Dagoth Ur,entre muitas outras coisas. Rumores giraram em torno da terceira era que o Nerevarine foi a uma expedição a Akavir e não foi visto desde então.

Nesmyt (?b - ?d)

Nesmyt (also spelled Nezmyt) is the leader of the Scenarist Guild, which he rules with an iron fist. Originally, Nesmyt was an Acolyte of the Mages Guild, but he was looked down upon by his colleagues due to his low rank. To rise in rank, he had to pledge fealty to Vychamp, the Mercenary Guild's self-styled leader. Nesmyt would not do this, as Vychamp had emasculated his children out of jealousy over his spouse. Nesmyt also began to hallucinate in his sleep.

It is unknown how Nesmyt rose to become the leader of the Scenarist Guild, which had existed for hundreds of years prior to his tortured path to membership in the Mages Guild. In 3E 370, Nesmyt created a sect of Imperial scribes who were charted with recording all historical events, beginning with the defeat of Jagar Tharn. Smuggled out by an anonymous renegade guild member, the book, now known as The Daggerfall Chronicles, was hidden in a shrine to the Oracle.

Night Mother (?b - ?d)

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Nikulas (?b - ?d)

Nikulas was a Nord warrior from the Second Era. He and four companions embarked on a quest to find Sovngarde. However, Nikulas, Erlendr, and Hunroor were betrayed by the wizard Grimkell, who turned them into stone pillars at Brodir Grove on Solstheim. They were avenged by Ulfgar the Unending, who killed the wizard. All of the friends eventually did find their way to Sovngarde.

Queen Nulfaga (3E 336 - ?d)

Nulfaga was mother of King Lysandus of Daggerfall. After her son was murdered in 3E 403, she disappeared from sight and retreated to her castle Shedungent in the Wrothgarian Mountains, rumored to have gone crazy. She was rescued and cured by the Hero of Daggerfall. Nulfaga was also reportedly a powerful witch. She found the exact location of the Mantella, the heart of Numidium, in 3E 401. She had a dragon familiar named Skakmat.

Numinex (?b - ?d)

Numinex was a fearsome dragon famous for his battle with Olaf One-Eye in the First Era, which occurred some time before 1E 420 when Olaf became High King and ended the War of Succession.

A few ancient bard texts assert Numinex was particularly foul-tempered because he was extremely old. In these accounts, the dragon spends his final years terrorizing the countryside before flying off to the top of Mount Anthor to die in peace, but was interrupted by the opportunistic Olaf. This version of the story is questionable however, as dragons do not actually die of old age. Regardless, Numinex had wiped out entire villages, burned cities and killed countless Nords. Along with a few trusted warriors, Olaf confronted and fought Numinex at his lair atop Mount Anthor. The two battled, blade against claw, by some accounts for days.

Eventually, their battle incorporated the thu'um, and the two engaged in an epic shouting duel. Finally, Numinex collapsed from a combination of injury and sheer exhaustion. Somehow—and this detail is conspicuously absent in virtually every account—Olaf managed to convey the dragon all the way back to the capital city of Whiterun. By Olaf's decree, the city's keep was renovated to become a prison for Numinex. Since then, the great keep has been called "Dragonsreach".

Numinex was apparently driven half-mad by many, many years of loneliness and captivity, though Paarthurnax would manage to visit him from time to time. While it is claimed Numinex eventually escaped, his skull can still be seen hanging above the Jarl's throne at Dragonsreach. Due to the nature of dragons, Numinex is not truly dead and could be raised again, although his scattered remains make this an unlikely possibility.

Queen Nurnhilde (?b - 2E 572)

Daughter of Queen Mabjaarn Flame-Hair of Windhelm. She was the elder sister of twins Jorunn and Fildgor, and thus fated to take the throne.[9] During the Akaviri Invasion of 2E 572, Queen Mabjaarn went down defending Windhelm, so Nurnhilde briefly assumed rulership before she was also killed during the invasion.[10] For this, she earned the title "The Brief Queen". She was succeeded by Jorunn,[9] and buried in the catacombs of Fort Morvunskar with the Crown of Freydis.

During the Alliance War of 2E 582, Fildgor stole Nurnhilde's body along with the Crown of Freydis. He planned to summon her soul and fuse it with his, forcing the crown to recognize him as the rightful ruler of Skyrim. Her spirit appeared to warn soldiers of the Ebonheart Pact of her brother's plans.[11]