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King Dumac
Raça Dwemer Gênero Male
Morte 1E 700
Red Mountain
Residência Vvardenfell

Dumac Dwarfking, also known as Dumac Dwarf-Orc[1] and Dumalacath,[2] was the last ruler of the Dwemer before their disappearance.[3] Along with Indoril Nerevar, he united the Chimer and Dwemer clans, and together they pushed the Nords out of Morrowind by 1E 416.[4] Resdayn flourished under the leadership of Dumac and Nerevar, and the two developed a mutual respect and friendship.[5][6] Peace among the Chimer, and between the elves and the Dwemer, brought an unprecedented prosperity and flowering of both cultures.[6] Dumac could not please everyone, however; the Rourken Clan rejected the union and left Resdayn.[7] Dumac attended the coronation of Emperor Gorieus in 1E 461.[8] Some sources describe him as a king, others call him a general.[7][6][9] It is said he gave the swords Hopesfire and Trueflame to Almalexia and Nerevar as wedding presents.[10]

The peace Dumac and Nerevar had maintained for centuries eventually shattered along with their friendship.[6] Dumac died at the Battle of Red Mountain around 1E 700.[3][6] No one is sure what happened to Dumac or his people.[3][11][12] While it's generally thought that the Chimer and Dwemer were at odds, one legend describes Dumac as the champion of Nerevar during the battle, and says Nerevar struck down Dagoth Ur when the latter slew Dumac.[13] Other accounts say Nerevar slew Dumac personally,[1] some going so far as to say he feasted on his old friend's heart.[9]


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