Dragonborn:Unmarked Places

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This article describes specific places of interest in Solstheim that are unmarked on your map, do not appear on the compass, and aren't directly related to any quests (though several of them contain East Empire Company strongboxes, related to the Pain in the Necklace quest). Some of the places on this list do not have official names or titles, in which case unofficial names have been used to describe the places.

Ash Hopper Island

South of the Earth Stone, you'll find a small island with some crumbling ruins, guarded by three ash hoppers. At the top of the island, there are two reavers lying dead atop their bed rolls (one can be used to sleep). Near the one on the southeast side is a strong box, and situated between the reavers—on the north side—is a chest and an apothecary's satchel. One the south side of the island, you can find a small boat containing one sack, and scattered throughout the island are three spiky grass plants which yield standard grass pod and one heart stone deposit. (map)

Ash Spawn Ambush

Northwest of Tel Mithryn, upstream from where Revus Sarvani tends to Dusty the silt strider, you will find a dead reaver leaning up against a tree next to an unlocked chest, with three lootable skeletons scattered about. As you approach, three leveled ash spawn will emerge from the ground and attack. (map)

Dark Elf Camp

Far north of the Sun Stone, southwest of Bujold's Retreat (just east of Vahlok's Tomb if you have started Lost Legacy), you'll find a small camp where two Dark Elves lie dead. The camp is mostly bare, consisting of a chest, a pot over a dry firepit, a barrel, and a knapsack, all of which are empty. The tent, however, contains an East Empire Company strongbox, as well as several bottles of Nord mead. You may encounter Rieklings nearby. (map)

Fishing Camp

Just north of Bloodskal Barrow, you'll find a small fishing camp with a bristleback boar. The camp is mostly bare, consisting of a fishing rod, a pair of boots, one bottle each of matze and shein, one crate of dead salmon and one of ash yams and two fish barrels. There is also an empty fishing boat nearby. (map)

Giant Nirnroot Island

On a large island in the far northeastern corner of the map, north of Frossel, there is a small collection of six giant nirnroot plants, each of which yield three ingredients when harvested. Two spriggans and a giant spriggan matron can be found here. On the east side of the island is a small boat containing an unlocked chest, a barrel, knapsack, an apothecary's satchel, three sacks, a coin purse, and an East Empire Company strongbox. The boat can sometimes become invisible, leaving only the reflection of the lantern revealing its position.[verification needed — Observed with PC] A dead alchemist can be found lying facedown next to a giant nirnroot plant. Scattered across the island are two regular nirnroot plants, eleven pearl oysters, and four spiky grass plants which yield ashen grass pods. (map)

Horker Dragon Mound

In the far northeastern corner of the map, north of Frossel and Haknir's Shoal, there are three islands which form a triangle. The northwest of these three islands is home to a dragon burial mound. A dragon lies in wait here, along with several horkers. Just northwest of the dragon mound is a novice-locked chest next to some skeletal remains. Scattered across the island are ten clams, three nirnroot plants, and two pearl oysters. (map)

Horker Stalhrim Island

Directly northeast of Northshore Landing is a small island guarded by two horkers. Two stalhrim deposits are located on the island. Mining them, you can find a leveled enchanted battleaxe at the right one, and a lootable corpse of a draugr at the left one. (map)

Isinfier Dragon Mound

A dragon burial mound can be found directly west of Vahlok's Tomb, atop some rocks. There is also a novice locked chest just south of the mound, up the hill. (map)

Lurker Ambush

West-northwest of Haknir's Shoal, you will find a small inlet of the larger bay that surrounds the shoal. When you approach it, a leveled Lurker may rise up from the shallow waters and attack you. Three nirnroot grow in and near the inlet, and two orichalcum deposits can be mined to the west and northwest. (map)

Miner Camp

Directly west of Brodir Grove, you can find a small camp where an unfortunate miner met his demise. He lies beneath a wagon and some loose rocks and three gold ores. Next to his nearby tent is a crate holding a strong box, an emerald, an apple pie, and two bottles of Nord mead. Three more bottles of Nord mead are in an overturned bucket in front of the tent, along with a pair of boots. Just east of the miner's body are two emerald geodes and a gold ore vein behind them, and to the north of his body is a gold ore vein and two creep clusters which yield ash creep clusters. (map)

Miner's End

Southeast of Tel Mithryn, near the shore, you can find two levels of terrace. Two ash spawn will come out of the ground and attack you. You can find a heart stone deposit and a burnt corpse on each terrace. In addition, you can find a knapsack on the lower level, along with a pickaxe and a bottle of flin on the upper level. (map)

No Attribution Treasure

Follow a precipitous path east-southeast of Bloodskal Barrow, and you will find an unlocked large chest under two trees, plus a satchel at the base of one of the trees (see picture). Keep moving up to find an emerald geode, along with a gold ore vein. Another emerald geode is to the east. (map)

Random Chest 1

Follow the path from Bujold's Retreat towards Thirsk Mead Hall, soon after turning to the southwest you pass four scathecraw plants on your right. Turn to the north passing three trees on your left and a tall stump on your right, right after passing a bush you should be able to see the unlocked chest and two medium coin purses beside it, lying between rocks. (map)

Random Chest 2

Follow the shoreline southwest of Northshore Landing to find a novice-locked wooden chest covered in riekling painting and with a ring of riekling spears sticking from the sides of it against the cliff side. It is approximately an equal distance between the landing and Bristleback Cave, on the northwestern corner of Solstheim. There are two horkers on the shore in front of it. (map)

Reaver Camp

Across the water west of Ashfallow Citadel, you'll find a small camp inhabited by two reavers. The camp consists of a fire with two hanging pots—one of which contains a red mountain flower—a chair, an apprentice-locked chest, and a sheltered bed roll. An East Empire Company strongbox can be found next to the bed roll. (map)

Reaver's End

Southwest of Hrothmund's Barrow, north-northeast of Moesring Pass, you'll find a cindering fire at the center of a few crates and barrels, with a dead reaver slumped next to it. Two Rieklings will ambush you when you approach. On the north side of the fire, a regular strong box sits atop a crate. In front of that crate is an East Empire Company strongbox. A total of three helmets can be found here, including a bonemold helmet, a fur helmet, and a Skaal hat. (map)

Riekling Ambush

From Damphall Mine, head north until you see a few patches of snowberries. Turn left at the next rock and you'll see a wooden platform with many barrels, a chest, and a couple crates. An East Empire Company strongbox sits on the crate to the left. Beware, as Rieklings will ambush you when you approach, popping out of the barrels and the snow. The remaining barrels contain foodstuffs. Using the Aura Whisper shout will reveal the Rieklings' locations before they emerge; using this you can strike them before they burst from the snow. (map)

Riekling Island

On a small island in the far northeastern corner of the map, northwest of Frossel and north of Haknir's Shoal, there is a small tribe of Rieklings. There are two spiky grass plants which yield ashen grass pods, four pearl oysters, and three nirnroot plants on the shore of the island, with the Riekling camp at the center. On the east side of the camp is a small tent with an unlocked chest and two sacks inside and a knapsack just outside. Near the northwest Riekling structure is another unlocked chest, a few sacks, and a coin purse. Beside the chest is another small tent which contains a sack and a satchel. At the very top of the south Riekling structure is an East Empire Company strongbox, a knapsack, and a coin purse. (map)

Shrine of Kynareth

Fast travel to Bloodskal Barrow. Turn around and follow the coast south until you see a downed tree to your left. It will be near a large patch of grass, an ash creep cluster, and three scathecraw. There should be a small gap between the tree and the rock just to its right. The Earth Stone should be almost directly south from your position. If you look south into the rocky hills, you will see a trail marker flag. Head toward the marker to find another trail marker near the shrine on top of a lantern. Beside the shrine are an amulet of Kynareth, flin, two trama roots, three ash yams, and an albino spider pod. (map)

Shrine of Zenithar

Fast travel to Moesring Pass. Turn around and go straight down until you reach a flat snowy clearing. Turn left and keep going until you see some ore veins, gem geodes, and a shrine of Zenithar on a large boulder. There are two silver ore veins, two sapphire geodes, and one corundum ore vein. There are two corundum ores next to the shrine, as well an East Empire Company strongbox and a pickaxe to the left of the boulder. Hidden in the grass behind the boulder is a safe containing gems and other loot. If you look west-southwest, you can see the lift from Fahlbtharz Grand Hall. (map)

Spider Ambush

West-southwest of Kagrumez you will find a broken tree stump with a burning log next to it. There are green, slimy pods stuck to the stump, the largest of which will burst open when you approach, releasing a jumping flame spider. There is a knapsack, an apothecary's satchel, and a ruby geode next to the stump. (map)

Usha's Camp

Follow the stream west of Ashfallow Citadel north to a barred gate. You can actually unbar the gate from the outside by aiming at the gap between the gates, but you won't be able to climb up onto the platforms once inside. It's tricky, but possible, to reach the lowermost platform by moving as far upstream as you can, facing the platform, and simultaneously pressing forward and jump. Instead, climb the mountain on the side and jump down to the wooden structure behind the gate. Usha lies dead on a bed roll with a few empty skooma bottles strewn about his side. On the table next to him is a lantern, three bottles of skooma, a coin purse, and a letter from his lover. On another table, you'll find six loose gold ores. To the right of this table is an unlocked chest with a pickaxe sitting on top, and an East Empire Company strongbox in front of it. (map)