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My activity will be limited for the foreseeable future.
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About Me

Hello and well met! If you're looking for an interesting read, you may want to look elsewhere, but feel free to continue on if you wish!

I started out playing Oblivion unknowingly the summer before Skyrim was released while looking for a new game to kill some time. Quite impressed with Oblivion, it was an easy decision to move on into Skyrim once it was released (though I would not have jumped right into it if I had not completed the bulk of what I wanted to do in Oblivion). After putting a good amount of time into Skyrim, I went back to Oblivion to finish up some loose ends I did not get to on my first file. I now have gone back further in the series and have just really started to scratch the surface of Morrowind put a fair amount of time into Morrowind. I am enjoying it much more than Skyrim and it is a close runner up with Oblivion.

After putting a good bit of time into both Oblivion and Skyrim, I stumbled upon UESPWiki when I was researching and looking up content that I might have overlooked in my journeys and any other random tidbits I could find. I was quite impressed with the incredible amount of detail in all of the pages and after a while decided to create an account to help contribute to the site that had provided me with a plentiful amount of interesting information. I'll leave the userboxes to explain anything else; if you have something to say, suggest, or comment on, feel free to leave a message on my talk page.

(Passage originally written April 8, 2013)


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