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Basic Info

  • Acronyms - Common mod and mod tool acronyms.
  • Cleaning Mods - Explanation of the different levels of 'clean'.
  • TES3 File Format - Technical details of the TES3 file format used for mods and savegames.
  • Resolving Mod Conflicts - Types of mod conflicts and how to avoid, repair and reconcile them.
  • Runtime - What happens when Morrowind starts up, saves and loads files.
  • Tool Features - Commonly used tool features.
  • World Map - The world (zoomed out) map. Problems with it and some solutions to them.

Modder Info


Official Toolset

Focus Description
TES Construction Set Modders This is still the primary utility for creating TES mods. However, other tools supersede and/or augment it for some functions.

Quickstart Tools

Looking for a quick-fix tool that won't require hours of reading to ensure you don't break everything and have to do a re-install?

  • This table contains a list of tools meant to help the player without having to acquire a modder's understanding to use them.
Tools for Players Focus Description
Exe Patches Players These patches improve the in-game experience by fixing different aspects of the Morrowind.exe file.
Co-Executables Players Utilities that enhance gameplay by interacting with Morrowind.exe as it runs. FPS Optimizer, MWE, MGE, MGE XE, MWSE.
INI Switcher Players Manage profiles on the same computer by switching between different versions of the Morrowind.ini file.
Savegame Editor Players Edit various properties of the savegame file (.ess).
Load Order Management Players
  • Mlox Utilizes a community-maintained database of mod conflicts to recommend optimum load order. Can then rearrange all mods accordingly at the click of a button. Note: this will redate all mods active in the load order.
  • Reorder Mods Allows the user to easily rearrange mods in the load order via a GUI. An alternative version not requiring .Net 2.0 is available here
Wrye Mash FAQ Players Wrye Mash has an extensive suite of features associated with mod and savegame management, editing and repair.
Ordenador Players Its main feature is the ability to scan a directory for bookart, icons, and textures to recompress utilizing NVCompress (links available at download site).


To combine mods in order to make Morrowind as graphically appealing as Oblivion requires a lot of time, effort and research. This is a list of tools used by modders and advanced players.

  • Most TES3 modders and players use multiple tools with overlapping functions. There is no one 'Quick-Fix' tool.
  • For help interpreting the plug-in data look at File Format.
Tools for Modders Focus Description
BSA Managers Modders, Advanced Players Browse, pack and unpack Morrowind archive files (.bsa).
Mod Cleaning and Reconciliation Modders, Advanced Players
  • ESCog Viewer/remover of GMSTs.
  • mod/mods/3870 ESP Cleaner Removes duplicate references.
  • GMST Cleaner Remove 'evil' GMSTs.
  • TESPCD Detects and helps repair conflicts between mods and delete unclean entries.
    • Quickly search mods for strings, conflicts, warnings and global changes.
  • TESTool A mod management, repair and cleaning utility.
  • Tes3cmd A powerful command-line mod-cleaning and editing utility.
  • SmartMerger Primarily designed to merge whole mods, it also offers an objects merging function.
Mod Editing

Utilities that edit mods in various ways.

Modders, Advanced Players
  • Enchanted Editor Mod and savegame editing and repair. General purpose low level editor.
  • MWEdit Mod editor alternative to the Official CS.
  • Tes3lint A powerful command-line tool for investigating the information within a plugin. Requires perl.
  • TESAME Browse and delete plugin records, import/export data (.esd). Tutorial.
  • TES Faith Move and copy exterior cells, resolving landscape conflicts. A graphical version is available here
Mod Integration

Utilities that integrate esps with their dependent files, or modify that integration in some global way.

Modders, Advanced Players


Tools used by modders for the creation and editing of resources for the game--everything except for the plugin file itself.

Modelling Focus Description
NIBLE FAQ Modellers Allows adding and editing of certain blocks to NIF-Files.
NifSkope Modellers Lets you view and edit .nif files (3D meshes), assign new textures, etc.
NifTexture Modellers, Modders Reassign mesh paths for Morrowind .nif files.
NIF Texture Stripper Modellers, Modders Command line tool to shorten mesh paths.
Other Focus Description
ESParser Modders Automate some common dialogue-related tasks, such as spellchecking and NPC lists making.
BookGen Modders Simplifies the task of introducing new text into in-game documents.


  • This is a list of tools whose utility is surpassed by others.
Solution Focus Obsolete
Use Wrye Mash instead. Players