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Skyrim: Quests(Redirecionado de Skyrim:Main Quest)
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Skyrim's main quest line consists of seventeen required quests and three optional quests. During these quests you discover your heritage as the Dovahkiin, learn why dragons have returned to the world, and find a way to respond to the dragon threat. Completing the main quest will take approximately 15-30 hours depending on your character's level. Eight achievements (170 points; 7 Bronze and 1 Gold) are directly tied to completing the quest line; in addition, several Dragon Shout-related achievements are inevitably unlocked during the quests. Quests belonging to main quest line are marked by dragon head symbol, which is shown above.

  1. Unbound (SR-achievement-Unbound.png 10 pts/Bronze)
  2. Before the Storm: Inform the Jarl of Whiterun about the dragon attack on Helgen.
  3. Bleak Falls Barrow: Retrieve the Dragonstone. (SR-achievement-Bleak Falls Barrow.png 10 pts/Bronze)
  4. Dragon Rising: Investigate a dragon sighting near Whiterun.
  5. The Way of the Voice: Meet the Greybeards. (SR-achievement-The Way of the Voice.png 20 pts/Bronze)
  6. The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller: Retrieve a Greybeard artifact from Ustengrav.
  7. A Blade in the Dark: Prove you are Dragonborn to Delphine by slaying the dragon Sahloknir.
  8. Diplomatic Immunity: Infiltrate a party at the Thalmor Embassy. (SR-achievement-Diplomatic Immunity.png 20 pts/Bronze)
  9. A Cornered Rat: Locate Esbern.
  10. Alduin's Wall: Locate the prophecy within Sky Haven Temple. (SR-achievement-Alduin's Wall.png 20 pts/Bronze)
  11. The Throat of the World: Receive a lesson from Paarthurnax.
  12. Elder Knowledge: Recover an Elder Scroll to learn an Ancient Secret. (SR-achievement-Elder Knowledge.png 20 pts/Bronze)
  13. Alduin's Bane: Exploit the Time-Wound to learn Dragonrend and defeat Alduin at the Throat of the World.
  14. The Fallen: Capture and interrogate an ally of Alduin. (SR-achievement-The Fallen.png 20 pts/Bronze)
  15. The World-Eater's Eyrie: Battle through Skuldafn Temple to reach Alduin's portal to Sovngarde.
  16. Sovngarde: Seek out Alduin within Sovngarde.
  17. Dragonslayer: Put an end to the World-Eater. (SR-achievement-Dragonslayer.png 50 pts/Gold)