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ON-qico-Normal.png Trick a Heritance spy into assassinating the "queen".
Zone: Greenshade
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Woodhearth — Put a stop to Pelidil's plans in Woodhearth.
Quest Giver: Yanaril
Location(s): Woodhearth, Imperial Underground
Previous Quest: Woodhearth
Next Quest: Double Jeopardy
Reward: 216 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
Recommended Level: 28

After the death of Prince Naemon, Vicereeve Pelidil assumed leadership of the Veiled Heritance and stole the Staff of Magnus. Razum-dar has tracked him to somewhere in the area of Woodhearth.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Razum-dar at the Thalmor Headquarters.
  2. Enter the Imperial Underground.
  3. Search the Imperial tunnels.
  4. Take the Orders from Vicereeve Pelidil.
  5. Talk to Razum-dar.
  6. Talk to Treethane Fariel.

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Yanaril near the entrance to Woodhearth. Razum-dar tracked Pelidil to the city. He will only discuss his suspicions with you. Yanaril tells you he is waiting for you in the Thalmor Headquarters.

The Thalmor Headquarters are northwest of Yanaril. Razum-dar has come up with a plan to flush the Veiled Heritance out of Woodhearth. Raz will disguise himself as Queen Ayrenn to provoke the Heritance into an assassination attempt. While he gets glamored, you should learn more about the traitors from Treethane Fariel.

Fariel says there have been rebels in the city ever since King Camoran was crowned, but they've never been found. She suspects there is a spy among the Thalmor. She spread the rumor that the queen is coming to make sure the city is safe. "She" will be touring the Imperial Underground. You will be the queen's escort. You will take her to meet Asteril, a Thalmor officer she suspects is the spy.

Talk to Razum-dar again, but this time he speaks and looks like Queen Ayrenn. He tells you he is ready to leave, and you lead the way south to the trapdoor to the Imperial Underground in a ruined tower.

"Come closer my queen. I have something for you."
"What is this?"
"A gift in memory of Prince Naemon. Vicereeve Pelidil sends his regards."

There is a flash of blinding light, and Razum-dar is thrown back into the corner. Asteril has disappeared. Talk to Razum-dar. He thinks she cannot have gone far and asks you to track her down.

Retrieve the Orders from Vicereeve Pelidil, then talk to Razum-dar. He thinks this is the Heritance's backup plan: they are going to attack Woodhearth and destroy Valenwood. However, he never thought they would have enough manpower to do so.

Return to the Thalmor Headquarters, and talk to Treethane Fariel. You give her the orders, and she gives you some gold.

Quest Stages

Veil of Illusion
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
Objective: Talk to Treethane Fariel
Objective: Enter the Imperial Underground
Objective: Meet Asteril
Objective: Search the Imperial Tunnels for Asteril
Objective: Retrieve Pelidil's Orders
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