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Vicereeve Pelidil
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level Varies Health Varies
Other Information
Faction(s) Thalmor
Vicereeve Pelidil

Vicereeve Pelidil is an Aldmeri Dominion diplomat. He can initially be found in Mistral, on Khenarthi's Roost, reluctantly working with the Silvenar to negotiate with the Maormer for control over the island. He is frank about his contempt for the quest for a peaceful resolution: "This diplomatic mission is a farce. The Dominion should've taken Khenarthi's Roost by force, and sorted the rest out later."

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The Perils of Diplomacy

When you approach the Chancery to speak to the Silvenar, Pelidil will catch your attention with his complaining: "Is the Silvenar blind? Every one of these Sea Elves is a venomous serpent waiting to strike! We should've cleansed this place of Maomer scum the moment we arrived." Entering into conversation will elicit another outburst: "Lorkhan take them all! Why does the Silvenar negotiate with these filthy Maormer?"

What do you have against Maormer?: "Those pirates are a stick in the High Elf eye! They capture our merchant ships and raid our settlements. If I had any say, we'd negotiate with a sword at their throats!"
You don't have any say in the negotiations?: "Not as long as the Silvenar confuses diplomacy with capitulation! He's inside with the rest of them, pretending this won't end in bloodshed. Go, see this farce for yourself!"

Later, after you have discovered the Silvenar's death, Pelidil will react characteristically poorly, insulting Harrani in the process:

Pelidil: "The Silvenar, murdered? These treacherous Khajiit have plotted with the Maormer to slay our noble envoy!"
Harrani: "How dare you! The Silvenar was our guest. You go too far, Vicereeve!"

He will not speak any more kindly to you: "This is an outrage! I demand Ulondil be taken into custody!"

Why?: "Because this slimy Maormer had a hand in the Silvenar's murder! We should march on their embassy and put it to the torch this very moment Oh, never mind. It's like I'm speaking to a ship's mast. Do continue your "investigation," would you?"

Once your investigation has borne fruit, Pelidil is happy to have his preconceptions validated: "I warned them. Warned them! But why would I know anything about Maormer treachery? Maybe now they'll listen to reason. It only takes a murder, right?"

Rites of the Queen

When you encounter Ayrenn's entourage camped just outside Tanzelwil, Pelidil will be accompanying Prince Naemon. He is quite upset by the delay: "Such a waste of the Prince's time. That such a great man should be made to follow along after Ayrenn. Like a tamed hound! Naemon is no hound. He is a wolf."

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