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ON-qico-Normal.png Earn the Bramblebreach Clan's trust.
Zone: Greenshade
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Bramblebreach — Negotiate with the Bramblebreach clan for the Dominion.
Quest Giver: Razum-dar in Marbruk
Location(s): Bramblebreach, Camp Gushnukbur
Previous Quest: The Staff of Magnus
Next Quest: Audience with the Wilderking
Reward: 200 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
Recommended Level: 24

The Bosmer in this part of the Valenwood are opposed to the Dominion. I've agreed to negotiate and attempt to convince them to swear allegiance to Queen Ayrenn.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Hazazi in Bramblebreach.
  2. Talk to Treethane Niriel.
  3. Find the Shimmering Tree.
  4. Talk to Aranias.
  5. Collect Kallopi seeds and essence. (Optional): Talk to Andur.
  6. Plant the four Kallopi seeds, then defeat the Orc Chieftain.
  7. Talk to Treethane Niriel.

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Razum-dar outside the Marbruk Mages Guild after completing The Staff of Magnus. He is having trouble convincing the Bosmer in this part of Valenwood, who follow a mysterious entity known as the "Wilderking," to join the Dominion. The Battlereeves sent Hazazi to negotiate with the Bramblebreach Clan, but he hasn't made any progress. Raz asks you to talk to Hazazi and take care of the situation, while he looks for the Staff of Magnus.

Bramblebreach is south of Marbruk. Hazazi is standing outside the entrance to the city. It appears the Bosmer are refusing to take him seriously; "all they do is dance and jest." You offer to talk to them for him, and Hazazi directs you to their Treethane.

Treethane Niriel is south of Hazazi in the Treethane's Quarters. As you approach it, Aranias will walk out and say, "I didn't think I was being disrespectful…"

Talk to the Treethane. She says the Wilderking doesn't care about the Dominion.

"You people don't understand. The Wilderking manages the entire forest! He doesn't have time for idle talk."

You could petition him for an audience, but the Treethane isn't sure she can trust you yet. If you can drive away the Wood Orcs, she'll tell you. You need to plant seeds from the Shimmering Tree in the Orcs' camp. Within minutes, they'll turn into lurchers. You will also have to kill the Orc Chieftain.

Head east to the Shimmering Tree. Once you get there, talk to Aranias.

"Was the Treethane as rude to you as she was to me? All I asked was how one might get an audience with the Wilderking, but the way she reacted, you would have thought I was trying to slaughter her children."

The Treethane turned her down when she offered to drive away the Wood Orcs. Aranias suspects the Bramblebreach Clan is playing some kind of joke on its visitors. She and Andur are going to continue deeper into the forest, in hopes of finding the Wilderking. However, she tells you that you can disguise yourself with Kallopi essence: it covers you in a haze of forest moths, preventing the Wood Orcs from seeing you.

If you talk to Andur, you learn that will not only be fighting the chieftain but the tribe's shaman, as well.

Take the seeds and essence from the Shimmering Kallopi Tree. Then, use the Passage to the Wood Orc Camp.

Plant the northern, northeastern, central and southern seeds. Once all the seeds are planted, head southeast of the Orc Camp icon on the map to kill the chieftain. You need to enter the cave.

Return to the Treethane when you complete her tasks.

"Hmmph. I wasn't exactly expecting you to succeed."

You've earned the right to petition the Wilderking and a reward.

Quest Stages

Frighten the Fearsome
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Hazazi
Objective: Talk to the Treethane
Objective: Find the Shimmering Tree
Objective: Talk to Aranias
Objective: Talk to Andur
Objective: Collect Kollopi Essence
Objective: Collect Kollopi Seeds
Objective: Plant Northern Seed
Objective: Plant Central Seed
Objective: Plant Southern Seed
Objective: Plant Northeastern Seed
Objective: Kill the Orc Chieftain
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