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Castle Brindle
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Aldmeri Dominion (Disputed)
Discoverable No
Aldmeri TerritoryCyrodiil
West of the Imperial City
Castle Brindle

Castle Brindle is a keep in western Cyrodiil, west of the Imperial City.

Castle Brindle Farm

It is initially controlled by the Aldmeri Dominion. It is connected via the Transitus Network to Fort Ash, Castle Roebeck, the Southern High Rock Gate, and the Western Elsweyr Gate. Only the Dominion can use the links to Castle Roebeck and the Western Elsweyr Gate, and only the Daggerfall Covenant can use the links to Fort Ash and the Southern High Rock Gate. Its primary value is as a means of extending the supply line reach from either the Dominion or the Covenant Border Keeps to allow them to claim keeps in each others' territories. Controlling Brindle also gives control of Vlastarus.


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