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Border Keeps are the two keeps that form the main bases for the three Alliances. These areas cannot be taken over or even attacked by the opposing Alliances. The only way in or out requires the use of a gate which can only be used by the Keep's controlling Alliance. Since it is not possible to enter the opposing Alliances' Border Keeps, you will only have access to the two of them which belong to your chosen Alliance. Each pair is linked on the Transitus Network, and travel between them is thus always possible as this is the one link which can never be broken via siege. The Border Keeps contain all of the vendors in Cyrodiil, including Siege Merchants and Mercenary Merchants, which can be found nowhere else. They also are home to the only Wayshrines in Cyrodiil, which are your means of returning to the PvE areas.

List of Border Keeps


Aldmeri Dominion


Daggerfall Covenant


Ebonheart Pact