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Battlereeve Urcelmo
Home City Vulkhel Guard
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level Radiant Health Radiant
Other Information
Faction(s) First Auridon Marines
Battlereeve Urcelmo

Battlereeve Urcelmo is a commanding officer of the First Auridon Marines, Queen Ayrenn's royal guard. He is also a logistics expert and several of his reports can be found throughout the Aldmeri Dominion. He is Queen Ayrenn's escort and most trusted adviser.

He is responsible for investigating the Temple of Auri-El in Vulkhel Guard during the quest A Hostile Situation.

During the quest The Moonlit Path, which shows a possible future scenario where the Aldmeri Dominion loses its hold on the Khajiit and the Bosmer, Battlereeve Urcelmo turns on the queen, as he was the last person she could trust. The Veiled Heritance corrupted him, and he mortally wounds her. Once Ayrenn learns of this vision, it gives her an opportunity to make plenty of jokes at his expense which causes Urcelmo a great distress.

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