Oblivion:Stunted Magicka

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OB-icon-Stuntedmagicka.png Stunted Magicka
School Destruction
Type Offensive
(No enchanting,
No spell making)
Effect ID STMA
Base Cost 0
Barter Factor 0
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Spell Tomes

Stunted Magicka

Stunted Magicka prevents the target from being able to regenerate magicka. All characters with the Atronach birthsign naturally have Stunted Magicka. It is also possible to acquire this effect through the disease Astral Vapors, which can be caught from Dread Zombies. The Magicka Vortex spell made available by the Spell Tomes plugin also includes this effect.


  • If you have Stunted Magicka (either permanently or temporarily from a disease) you will need to replenish magicka reserves yourself, instead of just waiting for your magicka to return. Three effects can be used to replenish magicka:
  • Though Stunted Magicka has a Base Cost of 0, the Magicka Vortex from the Spell Tomes DLC treats the Stunted Magicka effect as if it had a Base Cost of 0.77.

Items with Stunted Magicka