Oblivion:Drain Attribute

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OB-icon-Drain.png Drain Attribute
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Effect ID DRAT
Base Cost 0.7
Barter Factor 0
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Built-In Potions

Drain Attribute M points for D seconds

Temporarily reduce the value of the target's given Attribute by M points. The effect lasts for D seconds, after which the damage disappears. Restore Attribute will not heal drained damage; Dispel may work.


  • As a spell, Drain Attribute is not available from any built-in spells. There are four basic ways to acquire this effect:
  • There is a fifth possible way to acquire Drain Attribute by exploiting a glitch in the game. The required steps are:
    1. Become infected with a Disease that has a Drain Attribute effect, in other words, with any disease except Astral Vapors or Porphyric Hemophilia.
    2. Save your game without curing yourself of the disease.
    3. Load a game with an Orc character. If you have never played an Orc, simply start a brand new game and choose Orc as the race for the new character. As soon as you have exited the character creation screen you can proceed to the next step.
    4. Load the saved game from step 2.
    5. Go to any spellmaking or enchanting altar and the Drain Attribute effect will now be available. Make a cheap custom spell using Drain Attribute to ensure that the effect remains available for future use.
    6. Cure your character's disease.
It is critical that you do not restart the game between steps 3 and 5. When the game is restarted, Drain Attribute will no longer be available to disease-infected characters. The mechanics of this glitch suggest that there is an internal game switch that needs to be activated to make Drain Attribute available at altars; this switch is only activated when an Orc character is played (or when the Orrery plug-in is installed). However, once activated it is not deactivated until the game is restarted.
  • With any of these five methods of acquiring Drain Attribute, there is no minimum skill level necessary to make the effect appear at any altar.
  • As a potion, Drain Attribute is also available in various Beverages such as Ale, Beer, Brandy, Mead, Skooma, Wine, and Newheim's Special Brew. These beverages can only be used to drain your own attributes; they can not be used to poison enemies.
  • As a scroll, Drain Attribute is only available from some Special Scrolls, namely Chronicle of Sacrifice and Document of Purile Banter [sic].
  • Using a "Drain Speed" spell against some creatures is extremely potent; a spell with 20 pts of Drain Speed can sometimes completely stop them from moving. A deadly way to make use of this is to create a spell that does damage, with a Drain Speed effect added onto it.
  • As opposed to the player character, draining the endurance of an NPC or creature will not reduce the amount of their hit points. Therefore, this effect cannot serve as a substitute for the Drain Health effect.

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Alchemy Ingredients

Only two ingredients (if you include Shivering Isles) have Drain Attribute effects listed on them. Nirnroot has Drain Agility at Journeyman level and Drain Speed at Expert level. In Shivering Isles, Unrefined Greenmote has Drain Intelligence at Expert level. However, since these two ingredients do not share any Drain Attribute effects, and since neither of them has a Drain Attribute effect at Novice level, it is impossible to create a potion with these effects, or to experience them by eating ingredients straight.

Apparel with Drain Attribute

Necromancer's Amulet 25pts
Ring of Transmutation 10pts
Mantle of the Woodsman 5pts


Helm of the Deep Delver 5pts

Necromancer's Amulet 25pts
Manacles of PainSI 10pts
Ring of Transmutation 10pts

Helm of Ferocity 5pts

Ring of Wortcraft 10pts
Manacles of PainSI 10pts
Helm of Ferocity 5pts
Fists of the Drunkard 5pts
Mantle of the Woodsman 5pts

Helm of Ferocity 5pts
Robe of Creativity 5pts
Vest of the Bard 5pts
Fists of the Drunkard 5pts
Monkeypants 5pts

Aegis of the Apocalypse 5pts