Oblivion:Resist Paralysis

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OB-icon-Resist.png Resist Paralysis
School Restoration
Type Defensive
Effect ID RSPA
Base Cost 0.75
Barter Factor 30
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Custom Potions

Resist Paralysis M% for D seconds

With Resist Paralysis you have an M% chance to avoid being paralyzed. There are many creatures and NPCs who use various Paralysis spells and fighting them without having this effect active can be very annoying indeed.


  • One way to acquire this effect is to become a vampire. All vampires have Resist Paralysis 100% regardless of their Vampirism level.
  • This effect can also be acquired in the Spell Tomes official plug-in via the spell Resist Paralysis.
  • This is the only Resist spell that doesn't have a Weakness counterpart, i.e. there is no Weakness to Paralysis.
  • While Resist Paralysis reduces the chance a character will become paralyzed, a Resist Magic or Resist Poison effect will reduce the duration of a Paralysis effect that is successfully delivered via magic or poison, respectively.
  • The paralyzing effects of the Master perks of physical attacks (namely Blade, Blunt, Hand to Hand and Marksman) are handled differently than an ordinary Paralyze spell. As a result, actors normally resistant to Paralysis are still (completely) vulnerable to the paralyzing attack.

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Alchemy Ingredients

The following alchemy ingredients can be used to create a potion of Resist Paralysis: