Oblivion:Reflect Spell

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OB-icon-Reflectspell.png Reflect Spell
School Mysticism
Type Defensive
(No enchanting)
Effect ID RFLC
Base Cost 3.5
Barter Factor 400
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Custom Potions
Built-In Potions

Reflect Spell M% for D seconds

Reflect Spell is an M% chance to reflect a hostile spell back at the caster and avoid its potentially damaging effect. This means that having 100% Reflect Spell will make you invulnerable to magic while all hostile spells cast at you will bounce back at their casters. The spells reflected count as though they were cast by the player for the purpose of spell leveling.


  • This effect can be gained for spell making via spells or the Shezarr Stone Doomstone.
  • Unlike Spell Absorption, Reflect Spell only protects you against spells cast by spellcasters. Therefore, it won't protect against damage from objects such as Magic Traps. Fortunately, this means that, unlike Resist Magic, it won't prevent you from reaping the benefits of good spells, such as the Arena Basin and blessings at altars.
  • Sometimes it's really amusing to see goblin shamans fainting in front of you as they cast their Paralysis spells, will-o-the-wisps casting Absorb Health and transferring their own health to you instead, Wraiths cursing and silencing themselves as they attempt to weaken you, and so on.
    • Some creatures cast spells to which they themselves are immune: for example; atronachs, ghosts, wraiths will resist Frost Damage which is part of their Silence of the Grave spell but silence themselves nevertheless), etc. - reflecting the spell in this case still protects the player from harmful magic effects but does not damage the attacker.
  • If an Absorb spell is reflected, both the source and target are reversed, e.g. if your Absorb Health spell is reflected, it will transfer health from you to your intended target.
  • It doesn't matter whether you're hit with spells cast by hostile or by friendly creatures - Reflect Spell will respond to everyone and everything likewise. Could cause trouble accidentally harming or killing your allies. Beware!
  • Spells will only reflect once. If your spell bounces against an enemy back to you, no amount of spell reflection is going to bounce it back.
    • Likewise, reflected spells cannot be absorbed: even a player with 100% spell absorption can be hurt by his or her own spell that has been reflected back. Unlike both the previous examples, however, 100% resistance will remain fully functional.
  • If an 'On Target' spell reflects, it takes effect against the caster immediately -- the projectile doesn't "bounce" off the original target.
  • Custom enchantments are not possible with Reflect Spell: this effect is disabled at the Enchanting Altar.
  • Here are some worthwhile items to acquire if you're trying to achieve a high spell reflection:
  • The Heart of Spell Turning (Gatekeeper Gift)SI has a Reflect Damage spell effect which can be acquired during the main quest Rebuilding the Gatekeeper, choose the Heart of Spell Turning body part when selecting parts for the new Gatekeeper. You can only have one Gatekeeper Gift Power at a time.
  • The Manipulate Weather greater powerSI has a 5% change of bestowing the Torrent ability, providing 30% Reflect Spell.

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