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OB-icon-Shield.png Shield
School Alteration
Type Defensive
Effect ID SHLD
Base Cost 0.45
Barter Factor 100
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Custom Potions
Sigil Stones

Shield M% for D seconds

Shield adds directly to the physical Armor Rating of the subject, and is cumulative with worn armor. For example, if you are wearing no armor and cast a 25% Shield spell, you end up with an armor rating of 25, which is equivalent to wearing a full set of Leather Armor; if you then put on a suit of Leather Armor in addition to the spell, your total Armor Rating would be 50, or 50%. Armor Rating is capped at 85%, and cannot go higher.

The Shield effect has no negative impact on the caster's Spell Effectiveness.


  • Shield effects only reduce base damage done to you. Magical damage is unaffected by shield. For that, you will want Resist Magic.
  • This effect can be gained for spell making and enchanting via spells or choosing the Breton or Nord race.
  • It is possible to give your character 100% (or higher) Shield effect, for example by enchanting 5 items with transcendent Sigil Stones. The Active Effects menu will confirm that the total Shield effect is 100%. However, the resulting armor rating is still only 85%, so the extra 15% Shield is providing no benefit.
  • When Enchanting, an Elemental Shield effect is often preferable to a plain Shield.
    • For example, a 5% Fire Shield gives you 5% fire resistance and a +5 to your armor rating. A 5% Shield spell only gives you the AR boost.
    • When enchanting using an altar of enchanting, Shield and Elemental Shield strengths are very similar (Shield gives you at most 1 extra point).
    • When enchanting using Sigil Stones, Elemental Shield always gives you a stronger effect than regular Shield. For example, a transcendent Sigil Stone gives 20% Shield or 25% Elemental Shield.
  • For spellcasting, the difference between an Elemental Shield and a plain Shield effect can be more significant. The base cost for an Elemental Shield (0.95) is more than twice that of a plain Shield (0.45).

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