Oblivion:Fyrelight Cave

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Fyrelight Cave
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# of Zones 3
Important Treasure
1 boss-level Chest
Console Location Code(s)
FyrelightCaveExterior02, FyrelightCave, FyrelightCave02, FyrelightCave03
West Weald
West of Skingrad on the Gold Road and south of Meridia's Shrine
Fyrelight Cave (North entrance)

Fyrelight Cave is a medium-sized cave between Skingrad and Kvatch containing monsters. It contains three zones: Fyrelight Cave, Fyrelight - Deep Canyon, and Fyrelight - The Lost Sump.



Key to Maps
Map of Fyrelight Cave, Exterior

Zone 1: Fyrelight Cave

Fyrelight Cave

If you enter the cave from the door on the hill, you can travel through all of the zones of the cave provided you have some lock picking skill, the Skeleton Key or an Open spell. If you came from the lower entrance you will pass through a long corridor with some rooms until you reach the Deep Canyon section.

When you enter through the main entrance, you first arrive in a very large cave room. There are two enemies above you which can be alerted pretty easily, so be careful. If you go right from the big room and jump down the hole, you'll end up in a dead end. If you go left, you encounter a series of rooms leading to the Deep Canyon section. Watch out for the Swinging Mace trap at I on the way.


  • 2-8 Monster Enemies (each 80% probability Monster, 20% Rat)



Doors and Gates:

Zone 2: Fyrelight - Deep Canyon

Fyrelight - Deep Canyon

If you came from the secondary entrance or jumped down the hole in the first zone, you can travel through the bottom of the chasm, which leads to a room containing a chest with the key that unlocks the last zone of this cave. From this room, you must backtrack to reach the rest of the cave. There is also a boss chest to the left as you enter the area (at B).

From the unmarked cave entrance you can reach the upper level of the large room in this zone. If you jump across the gap, you will find two treasure chests and one or two enemies. The door to The Lost Sump is located here as well, but it is locked.


  • 1-4 Monsters
  • 3 Monster Enemies (each 80% probability Monster, 20% Rat)


Doors and Gates:

Zone 3: Fyrelight - The Lost Sump

Fyrelight - The Lost Sump

This zone has another hall with a canyon, but this time the canyon is flooded. On the other side is a circle of rooms. There is a chest located beneath a dead treasure hunter at H. You can backtrack to the big room and swim down the flooded canyon to find a room with two chests.


  • 3-6 Monsters
  • 4 Monster Enemies (each 80% probability Monster, 20% Rat)


Doors and Gates: