Oblivion:West Weald

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Weather Table
Clear 35% Thunder 5%
Cloudy 40% Foggy 5%
Overcast 10% Rain 5%
Snow 0%
Ficheiro:OB-regionMap-West Weald.jpg
Map showing the West Weald region of Cyrodiil

The West Weald is an open countryside of southern Cyrodiil, well known for its vineyards and tomato farms. It borders Valenwood and Elsweyr on the south, and the regions Gold Coast on the west, Colovian Highlands and Great Forest on the north, and Nibenay Valley on the east.

The city of Skingrad is centrally located in the region.

The vineyards for the two most notable types of wine are located in the West Weald, just west of Skingrad, and residents of Skingrad believe that Undena Orethi's tomato farm is also of great quality. In fact, the region is clearly the breadbasket of Cyrodiil and there are very few plants that do not grow here. Ingredients that grow abundantly in the West Weald include Alkanet Flowers, Columbine, Flax, Lady's Smock, Nightshade, and Peonies.

The West Weald is also known for its population of West Weald Bears, some of the most dangerous in Cyrodiil.

West Weald Places

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  • Gold Road — Main road from the Imperial City to Skingrad, Kvatch and ultimately Anvil.

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