Morrowind:Telvanni Council House

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Guild Hall:
Telvanni Council House
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Mouths Arara Uvulas
Enar Releth
Felisa Ulessen
Galos Mathendis
Mallam Ryon
Raven Omayn
Console Location Code(s)
Telvanni Council House, Entry
Telvanni Council House
Telvanni Council House, Chambers
Telvanni Council House, Hermitage
Sadrith Mora, [17,5]

Telvanni Council House is the headquarters of Great House Telvanni on Vvardenfell.

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The impressive mushroom is located at the northwest end of town, next to the harbor and behind a small market with stalls.


In the Entry, you find Galar Rothan, an Enchanter offering Soul Gem and Summon scrolls.

Council Hall

The Mage Lords themselves are far too busy and couldn't be bothered with mundane affairs, hence they have their Mouths present instead. A somewhat justified fear of assassination by rivals may play into this as well. Fast Eddie may become your Mouth when you advance to the rank of Spellwright in House Telvanni. If you joined House Telvanni, the mouths will have several initial Quests for you, called Chores.


In the Chambers, you find Niras Farys, Priest and spellmaker. Tucked away at the entrance to the Hermitage and unhappy with his situation, the healer Galero Andaram of the Tribunal Temple lends solace and a shrine offers blessings.


If you seek to build your Telvanni Stronghold, you should visit Llunela Hleran in the Hermitage, the deepest part of the Council Hall and root of the mushroom.

Related Quests

House Telvanni

The Telvanni Mouths in the Council Hall


  • Gateway Ghost: Solve the case of this haunted inn in Sadrith Mora.



  • Xbox360.png The Council Hall room gives poor performance due to its detailed graphics.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Arara Uvulas Female&F Dunmer Sorcerer House Telvanni Mouth(Mouth) 13 101 158 90 30 Mouth of Master Neloth
Dalyne Arvel Female&F Dunmer Mage House Telvanni Hireling(Hireling) 7 75 31 90 30 Entry
Enar Releth Male&M Dunmer Sorcerer House Telvanni Mouth(Mouth) 14 111 162 90 30 Mouth of Master Baladas
Felisa Ulessen Female&F Dunmer Mage House Telvanni Mouth(Mouth) 15 88 148 90 30 Mouth of Mistress Therana
Galar Rothan Male&M Dunmer Enchanter Service House Telvanni Lawman(Lawman) 12 110 41 100 30 Entry Trainer; Enchanter; Merchant
Galero Andaram Female&F Dunmer Healer Service Tribunal Temple Curate(Curate) 14 86 108 100 30 Chambers Spell Merchant; Merchant
Galos Mathendis Male&M Dunmer Enchanter House Telvanni Mouth(Mouth) 13 90 164 90 30 Mouth of Master Aryon
Hloris Farano Male&M Dunmer Monk Service Tribunal Temple Acolyte(Acolyte) 10 88 94 100 30 Chambers Trainer
Llunela Hleran Female&F Dunmer Enchanter House Telvanni Wizard(Wizard) 18 106 192 90 30 Hermitage
Mallam Ryon Male&M Dunmer Mage House Telvanni Mouth(Mouth) 13 85 140 90 30 Mouth of Master Gothren
Miraso Seran Female&F Dunmer Enchanter Service Tribunal Temple Initiate(Initiate) 7 60 132 100 30 Entry Enchanter; Merchant
Nelso Salenim Female&F Dunmer Mage Service House Telvanni Oathman(Oathman) 9 65 128 100 30 Entry Spellmaker; Spell Merchant
Niras Farys Male&M Dunmer Priest Service Tribunal Temple Initiate(Initiate) 12 86 110 100 30 Chambers Spellmaker; Spell Merchant; Merchant
Raven Omayn Female&F Dunmer Sorcerer House Telvanni Mouth(Mouth) 13 101 158 90 30 Mouth of Mistress Dratha
Tendris Vedran Male&M Dunmer Apothecary Service Tribunal Temple Initiate(Initiate) 7 65 132 100 30 Entry Merchant