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The Temple Saints are the most honored ancestors of the Dunmer, canonized by the Tribunal Temple for deeds they have performed during their lifetime. They are celebrated as models of virtue and piety, often invoked for aid and protection. After the fall of the Tribunal, the three Tribunes were re-appointed as saints by the New Temple.

Greater Saints

The greater saints of the Temple, listed with their proper spheres, are:

  • Saint Almalexia the Warden – Healers, Teachers
  • Saint Sotha Sil the Magus – Artificers, Wizards
  • Saint Vivec the Poet – Artists, Rogues
  • Saint Nerevar the Captain – Warriors, Statesmen
  • Saint Veloth the Pilgrim – Outcasts, Seekers

Lesser Saints

The lesser saints of the Temple, listed with their proper spheres, are:

  • Saint Rilms the Barefooted – Pilgrims, Beggars
  • Saint Aralor the Penitent – Tanners and Miners
  • Saint Seryn the Merciful – Brewers, Bakers, Distillers
  • Saint Felms the Bold – Butchers, Fishmongers
  • Saint Roris the Martyr – Furnishers and Caravaners
  • Saint Olms the Just – Sailors, Chandlers, Clerks
  • Saint Delyn the Wise – Potters, Glassmakers
  • Saint Meris the Peacemaker – Farmers, Laborers
  • Saint Llothis the Pious – Tailors, Dyers
  • Saint Jiub the Eradicator of the Winged Menace

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