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The Stormfist Clan was a Nordic clan of Whiterun Tundra, known for their prowess at battle and armor crafting. Their founder and ancestor was Ogra Stormfist, the powerful matriarch who ruled the clan for nearly fifty years. The clan's involvement was pivotal in numerous conflicts, such as in the Battle of Whiterun Hold and the Massacre at Dialmarch. However, their engagement in the Siege of Windhelm during the Second Akaviri Invasion in 2E 572 ended in their downfall and isolation.[1]

Before the Akaviri Invasion, members of the clan befriended Fildgor Strong-Prince, son of Queen Mabjaarn Flame-Hair of Eastern Skyrim. Later, thirteen of the strongest and bravest of the Stormfists joined him in his coming-of-age trials.[2] Now known as the Stormfist Brigade, the team garnered legendary reputation as fierce adventurers who vanquished bandits and monsters and looted treasures. They were instrumental in helping to fend off the Akaviri, and stood by Fildgor when he lay claim to the throne left by his sister Queen Nurnhilde. However, his brother Jorunn objected, and to prevent civil war, the two clashed steel in single combat. Fildgor was defeated and exiled by Jorunn, who chastened the Stormfists for supporting him.[3] The clan refused to obey him or even acknowledge his newfound authority, and isolated themselves in their domain to the west.[1]

During the Alliance War in 2E 582, Fildgor returned from exile with an army of Stormfists and Orcs, ready to usurp Jorunn.[4]

Known Members

In addition to these named members, the clan enlisted unnamed warriors, healers, and shamans under their banner.[4]


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