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Nafaalilargus the Imperial Red Dragon
Raça Dragon Gênero Unknown
Morte 2E 864
Stros M'Kai
Residência Stros M'Kai
Aparece em Redguard

Nafaalilargus (sometimes spelled Nafalilargus) was a red dragon working as a mercenary in the employ of Tiber Septim during his conquest of Tamriel. He was a proud soldier, a loyal vassal and considered "a jewel of the Imperial crown".[1] During the Battle of Hunding Bay, the dragon was called in to help defeat the Crowns of Hammerfell. He sank Prince A'tor's ship with a single fiery breath after the prince had been struck down by a poisoned arrow, destroying all hope of A'tor's wizard removing the poison.[2]

Nafaalilargus was then put under the command of Lord Amiel Richton, who had been named the provisional governor of Stros M'Kai.[2] He was assigned to guard the soul gem of Prince A'tor, in the treasuries beneath the island's palace. The dragon was slain in 2E 864 by Cyrus the Redguard, who then stole back the soul gem.[3] His death weakened the Imperial presence on the island considerably. However, due to the nature of dragons, Nafaalilargus isn't truly dead and could be raised again.[4]

Nafaalilargus shares several similarities with a dragon named Nahfahlaar, who was recorded by the Blades in their Atlas of Dragons in 2E 373. Nahfahlaar repeatedly allied himself with mortal protectors, which had prevented the Blades from eliminating him. The last recorded alliance was with King Casimir II of Wayrest, which the Dragonguard successfully ended in 2E 369. At the time of writing, his whereabouts were unknown to the Blades.[5] If Nahfahlaar and Nafaalilargus are one and the same, it can be assumed that the dragon continued his habit of allying with mortals when he hired on with Tiber Septim in the late Second Era.

A ballad was written about Tiber Septim and Nafaalilargus. Its popularity faded as dragons began to disappear from Tamriel, yet it was still being recited in Skyrim circa 4E 201.[6]



  • Nafaalilargus was featured in TES Adventures: Redguard.
  • There is no known translation of Nafaalilargus' name in the Dragon Language, although the "faal" in his name translates as "the". Its name also has more than the usual three syllables found in most other dragon names.
  • The alternative spelling of "Nahfahlaar" spells out two words in the Dragon Language, "Nah" meaning "fury", and "fah" meaning "for". Nafaalilargus may simply be a Cyrodilicized version of his real name, as he served under the Empire during the events of Redguard.


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