Lore:Malabal Tor

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Malabal Tor
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Valenwood
Sub-regions Broken Coast
Silvenar Vale
Strid River Basin
Appears in ESO
Malabal Tor circa 2E 582

Malabal Tor is a region deep in the Green of northwestern Valenwood. The area is populated by hoarvors and stranglers. The western coastline is known as the Broken Coast. East of it is the Strid River Basin, and to the northeast is Silvenar Vale. The capital Silvenar, the spiritual home of all Bosmer, is in the southeast area of the region. Malabal Tor is also dotted with numerous smaller Bosmeri settlements and ports.[1] Little light reaches the forest floor; those who wish to see the moons and stars must climb the highest bluffs to get a good glimpse of the night sky.[2] Legends speak of a pool in an ancient glade somewhere in the forest which may grant immortality.[3]

The shrouded islands off the coast of Malabal Tor are both beautiful and treacherous. While plotting an invasion of the region circa 2E 582, the Maormer planned to use the nearby Tempest Island as a base for their assault, and counted on its history of bizarre inclement weather to provide them cover.[4][5] Falinesti journeyed to Malabal Tor in the summer,[1] and in the Third Era, the walking city rooted itself along the northwestern shores of the region.[6]

Map of Malabal Tor (ESO)

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