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Title Author Description Game(s)
Daedra Worship: The Ayleids Phrastus of Elinhir A description of Daedric worship by the Ayleids
Daedra Worship: The Chimer Phrastus of Elinhir A description of Daedric worship by the Chimer
The Daedric Flame Kalsius Malik Notes on the blue flames of Coldharbour
A Dance in Fire Waughin Jarth A clerk's adventures in Valenwood
The Dark Husband On Sithis, Dark Husband of the Night Mother
Dark Ministrations
Dark Ruins Cyrillo the Deranged
Dar-Ma's Diary Dar-Ma The last entries in the diary of Dar-Ma
Darkest Darkness A description of various Daedra
Darkest Divinities Skald Skullsplitter A poem dedicated to the Daedric Princes
Daughter of the Niben Sathyr Longleat The history of Bravil town and its famous statue of the Lucky Old Lady
Daynas Valen's Notes A brief description of the Gauldur Legend
De Rerum Dirennis Vorian Direnni Tales about a creator of Alchemy Science
Dead Sword-Disciple's Note The final words of a Sword-Disciple
Death Blow of Abernanit Anonymous (with notes by Geocrates Varnus) The death of Dagoth Thras
Death of a Wanderer Anonymous A tale of an Argonian's unfortunate venture into a Draugr crypt
Deathbrand A Pirate's Tale
The Deepest Cut Poem on Rulanir the Blademaster
Defaced Nedic Prayer Book A collection of Nedic prayers surrounding the Guardian constellations
The Devouring of Gil-Var-Delle Fastor On the mysterious destruction of an ancient Valenwood township
Diary of a Lost Sailor A sad tale of a lost sailor
Diary of Faire Agarwen‎ Faire Agarwen Translated from Falmer Text by Calcelmo of Markarth
Diary of Springheel Jak Jakben, Earl of Imbel, a.k.a. Springheel Jak Rarely used diary of the vampiric Earl of Imbel
Dire Legends of the Doomcrag Nalana, Advisor to House Tamrith A collection of local legends surrounding the Doomcrag
The Direfrost Flame Thorvild Direfrost On the legacy of the Direfrost clan
Divad the Singer Destri Melarg The early years of Divad the Singer
Divine Metaphysics Uma explicação da montagem do Anumidium, escrita em Dwemeris
Divining the Elder Scolls
The Dominion's Duty: Marbruk An Entry by the Altmeri Travel Guild
The Doors of Oblivion Seif-ij Hidja The chronicles of Morian Zenas' journey through the realms of Oblivion, penned by his apprentice
The Doors of the Spirit Mantra of the Dunmer spirits
The Dowry Marobar Sul Book 10 of a series of fictional stories about the Dwemer
The Dragon Break
Dragon Language: Myth no More Hela Thrice-Versed A lengthy thesis on the ancient language of the dragons
Dragon Skull Parchment A fragmented verse from an ancient Nordic song, written in the language of the dragons
The Dragon War Torhal Bjorik A religious text describing the primordial war between men and dragons
To Dream Beyond Dreams The Omen of a Hundred Prophecies The autobiography of the First Nightcaller
Dream of a Thousand Dreamers Um Poema dedicado à Vaermina
A Dream of Sovngarde Skardan Free-Winter A soldier's tale of his dream before battle
Dreamers Our Time Has Come A rallying cry to the followers of Vaermina
The Dreamstride The Mysterious Alchemists of Vaermina A description of the nature and effect of Vaermina's Torpor
Dreamwalkers Raynard, Academic of Mournhold An essay on Dreamwalkers and the Dreamstride
Drothan's Field Journal Frathen Drothan The final stages of the search for Mehrunes' Razor
Drothan's Journal Frathen Drothan A mage's search for Mehrunes' Razor
A Dubious Tale of the Crystal Tower Bibenus Geon An amusing tale of a masquerade
The Duchess of Anguish On the torture of Sai Sahan
Dunmer of Skyrim Athal Sarys A proclamation of Dunmer supremacy in eastern Skyrim
Dust's Shadow A short tale of a Dark Brotherhood assassination
Dwarves Calcelmo, Scholar of Markarth A scholarly work on the culture and history of Dwemer
Dwemer Dungeons: What I Know Kireth Vanos, Dungeon-Delver Extraordinaire A description of Dwemer dungeons
Dwemer History and Culture Hasphat Antabolis A scholar's review of the Dwemer essays written by Marobar Sul
Dwemer Inquiries Thelwe Ghelein, Scholar A series of scholarly essays on the elusive Dwemer